Dim Sum@Foh San Restaurant, Ipoh

source site Demona: Dogma’s temperamental camera has got issues: sometimes he’s naughty and does not want to work, sometimes the power dies, even when I have charged the batteries full the night before.

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/about_generic_clomid.html He showed his temper again on my Foh San breakfast day, and this was the second time he did it. I used Michelle’s hi-tech gadgety touch screen, 5 megapix LG phone instead. Some pictures were a little blur.

Demona: The precious char siew paos of FS. Everyone yearns for it. It is always sold out. If you come past 10 am, the chances of getting your teeth sinking into it are honestly slim. The CSP was quite good, with a decent portion of chunky char siew meat filling inside. However, Ming Room still scores as the daddy of all CSPs.

Demona: They are also famous for their egg tarts. I much preferred Nam Heong’s and am looking forward to try out the egg tarts from Simee market. I have yet to find the place. Apparently, they make one of the best egg tarts in the country.

FS’s egg tarts were not to my liking. The pastry was too buttery, I know I would feel nauseous on my second piece. Too much vanilla essence was added in the egg filling. Its smell overpowered the whole tart.

Demona: The fried shrimp rolls tasted quite nice. We managed to get the fresh batch from the trolley lady as I saw the shrimp rolls being laid on layers of tissues to adsorb the excess frying oil.

Demona: The chee cheong fun took forever to reach our table. My boss was almost boiling up to his brains because his numerous calls for CCF were plainly ignored by the waiters (whom were foreign workers, who understood minimal chinese and english) and waitresses (whom were fierce, rough looking middle aged ladies).

The CCF at the kopitiam next to Sin Yoon Loong was much better than the one we had over here. The taste was pretty normal.

Demona: I have NO clue on what this was. All I remembered was it was a new invention by FS. I didn’t like their newbie at all. It was basically a Loh Mai Kai wrapped in a dumpling. “Creative” eh. It was too, too oily. The dumpling was not well attached to the LMK, once we opened it up, the dough just fell apart. Pretty much like cracking a nut out of its shell.

Demona: I did not try this at all. So I can’t describe much of its taste. They did not look appealing to me. Pretty much like mini donuts, shaped in a ball, deep fried and coated with sugar.

Demona: Steamed scallop dumplings. So so only too. They did not leave much impression on me to describe any further on them.

Demona: These were the Har Kaus. They tasted so so also. The spicy garlic chilli dipping was definitely required to eat along with the HKs.

Demona: The Siew Mais were quite tasty. The pork meat were quite flavourful and chewy. Quite enjoyable, I would say but I still needed the chilli dipping to enhance its taste though.

Verdict: The bill came up to about RM 45/ 4 pax including a pot of tea and all the food above. Overall, I would say the dimsums are average, but mind you, the place is forever packed to the brim. I am guessing, people do come back again and again for FS’s dimsums are mainly because:

1) There aren’t many local dimsum shops to choose from.
2) FS has been there for donkey years. Locals grew up eating their dimsums. This forms a special bond between the food, the place and the people. People feel connected with the old memories, the past, their families, by eating at a place when they were only babies, spoonfed by their grandparents. It gives out a cozy, comfy feeling I guess.
3) A business that has been running for generations, and still growing strong. A restaurant that is forever packed with hungry customers. For newbies, this is definitely an attractive eatery to try out. Not to mention, the endless publicities of this legendary dim sum place by the paper and internet media.

I am very sure that there will still be trips to FS whenever I come up to work in Ipoh. Hopefully, there is a chance for Dogma and I to tummy growl together at FS sometime soon. I’ll definitely have much nicer pictures by then!

Dinner@Kafe Hilltop, Ipoh

Demona: It was a wet, heavily drizzling night. Honestly, we are always clueless on where to scout for food at night in Ipoh. After driving around Greentown and Old Town area, we finally decided to eat at Kafe Hilltop, which was one of the few night eateries that looked slightly livelier than the zombie-like rest. No one really eats out much at night for smaller towns, I guess.

This place was brightly lited with wired strings of little yellow light bulbs, and the misty air from the giant mist fans made the area looked cozy from far. I guess this coffee shop got its “Hilltop” name from its geographical location, slightly leveled up from the ground, like a baby dwarf hill.

Demona: Michelle ordered mee hoon in tom yam soup. Nothing fantastic about the dish. The soup was too watery, and the ingredients were unimpressive (processed fishball, meatball, and some sad withered looking vegetable leaves), clearly due to the stall seller trying to maximize his profits by minimizing his ingredients. This is a typical problem we face in most kopitiams these days.

Demona: Notice the brochure of a local BN politician on our table? He came to the coffee shop with two ferocious looking 4 wheels, playing some crappy athem-like music, carrying several people holding giant BN flags on the opened air boot. A lady got down and started distributing these beautifully printed high quality brochures (which us taxpayers are paying for) on every table, asking us to vote for this man.

He stood at a dark corner with a speaker and started his speech in cantonese. A futile move I think, no one could hear him clearly, and he was basically preaching “Predicted” promises: “Make Ipoh prosper!” “Give people more benefits” “Fight for their rights”. I did pity him for a while there, for finishing his speech, because it does sucks if no one listens to you.

When they left, no one seemed to give any reactions. The brochure on our table became Michelle’s table mat. I’m assuming the rest will end up in the dumps.

Congrats to PKR! It’s about time, for change.

Demona: I ordered two rolls of popiah, RM 3.20. Nothing fantastic either. A very, very average tasting popiah.

Demona: BIG BOOOOOOOOOO to you!

Verdict: Besides the breezy, comfy looking ambience. The food that we tried were a total failure. I have no intention at all to come back for another visit to try the other varieties here.