Famous Pun Chun Duck Thigh Noodles@Bidor

prezzo Viagra originale 25 mg Thanks to the heavy post-CNY traffic from Ipoh till past Tapah, it motivated us to make a pitstop for dinner at Bidor. My first time trying the famous, widely known and spoken about, duck thigh noodles. The location was easy to find, just turn right from the toll and go straight all the way till I see the shop on my right.

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/generic_clomid_and_twins.html The restaurant was packed with tired and hungry travellers, mostly stranded due to the bad CNY traffic on the highway.

Our food took an hour to arrive. Grrrr. And our drinks never arrived.

I must admit, this was really, really good. The duck thigh meat was very tender, results from brewing in the duck broth for long hours. The herbal soup had a combustion of various flavours: red dates, herbs, salty and a sweetened end palate. Yummmmsss…

We ordered a bowl of wantans as our side dish. The wantans were really big! Chunks of prawn and meat bits inside. Soup was a little too oily for my liking. Putting that aside, this was also.. yummmmmmssss..

Total damage for 3 bowls + 1 bowl of wantan = RM 29.

Coughs. A little steep of the portion given, in a small town like this. But every penny worth invested. People kept coming to purchase the instant coffee mixes, dried food and local chinese biscuits and crackers. I bet vendors who want their items placed in this shop for sale must really provide excellent customer service since the turnaround time of visitors here are so quick. In my 1.5 hours meal experience there, not a single second went by without a customer purchasing an item from the rack.

Would I come back again for this? Yes, and if the waiting time was reduced to 10-15 minutes, would be greatly appreciated.

And if the owners could do something about the cleanliess. The floors are piling with used tissues, plates, chopsticks, remnants of plastic rubbish. I understand that some hawker food areas can score slightly worse in this category, but this one was dirtiness to a whole new level. It irked me a little when used tissues on the floor were blown by the breeze and brushed through my feet. Yikes!

(Awesome duck noodles) – (long waiting time) + (improved cleanlines) = Demona’s re-visit!

Annual Cheng Beng Festival@Taiping

Demona: It’s been two years since I attended the last Cheng Beng prayers. I am stunned over how innovative the people who made these praying things have become. So much have changed, only in two years. One thing that hasn’t changed, was the serene, peaceful, calm atmosphere Cheng Beng created. Somehow rather, it was soothing to see people returning to their elder’s graves to pray.

Demona: The regular food used for prayers. Apparently, there are rules where by only certain food can be placed on top and below. My mom and my aunt (uncle’s wife) are the only ones in my family who still know all these details. Personally speaking, I am afraid to say that I believe this tradition may possibly disappear in the near future.

Demona: I only know of sticking coloured papers on my great grandparents’ grave. This was the first time that I saw snipped bits of shining colourful papers to be sprinkled all over the grave. According to YY, these snippits were SOOOOOO.. last few years news. Gosh, I am totally outdated.

Demona: The creation of paper clothings, money and jewellery get more and more funky, creative and innovative as the years go by. Next time around, space suits maybe?

Demona: It took us FOREVER, to get the two coins to have a head and tail each. I’m guessing, great grandpa and great grandma were too engrossed watching my dad, aunt and uncle playing this old card game (which was to be burnt along for them too).

Demona: KIM TOON KIM TOON! (gold bars gold bars!) PEK KIM TOON PEK KIM TOON!(white gold bar white gold bar!)

Demona: Will I be able to own this much in future?

Demona: XL wallet and watch for grandma? Gosh, she is even more stylish than I am. All that I am carrying is this huge wallet Dogma bought me for my 1st Birthday and a brandless black leather bag. Handphone for her too? How advance has the world below us become?

Demona: All the luxuries were burnt for the elders to receive them. The heat was excruciatingly hot! I was wondering, how will they be able to get hold of all of these things once they were completely burnt into ashes. (great grandpa with a huge ass bag trying to make sure everything that falls into the bag? Sounds pretty funny)

Demona: My grandpa. The kind soul who gave his wife and his and her siblings these three beautiful graves to rest in when they depart from this world.

Demona: Pokok Assam Market’s Siohhh Bakkkk! (roast pork). Raw, authentic, home town style. Savoury, salty, some parts were lean, some parts fatty, but finger licking good! Unbelievably good…..