Fried Baby Squid@Aulong, Taiping

qual o melhor indux clomid ou serophene drug Demona: My dad came home one day with a pack of fried baby squids. He bought them from a stall in Aulong, Taiping. I tried to understand him explaining the location of the stall, but.. no idea where that was. Aulong and me, messy. I can get lost in there.

Demona: Deep fried baby squids, with chopped chilli padi, shallots, and a sticky, hot sweet and spicy brown sauce, drizzled all over them. They did not look pretty on presentation, but the taste….. KABOOM!

This is a much better couch potato snack than any popcorns, chips, cookies or even KFC’s popcorn chicken! Once pop, you can’t stop! Dogma, good idea to start a business? 🙂 Dogma and Demona’s popcorn baby squiddies?

Demona: As brutal and ugly as it seems, to be eating this helpless, tiny, little baby squid… sadly, it was finger licking good. WE ARE EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

Verdict: My dad bought a few more packs home during CNY hols for my KL relatives to eat. They loved it as much as I did. Dogma, let’s go pig out the next trip we’re home?

Egg Tarts@Nam Heong Kopitiam, Ipoh

Demona: I first knew about the existence of these buttery-smelling pastry, egg tarts from Nam Heong Kopitiam from the Stars newspaper article one day. My colleague and I decided to buy some home, when we passed this tiny, mini bakery aka egg tart stall, to have a drink at the kopitiam across the road.

The stuffy hot buttery-filled air explained it all: the egg tarts here are oven-baked fresh. I noticed that the tarts were quickly packed into boxes for the customers to take away before they even got a chance to breathe the air of life.

(I was with Dogma in Ipoh on one evening, and by the time we were there (only 4 plus pm), the baker was already cleaning up his baking trays and moulds). Apparently, the owner sells at least a thousand tarts a day, and on weekends and holiday seasons, the sales can balloon up to around two thousand tarts! IMAGINE!)

Baked “Kai Si Pao” (Chicken pao) was also sold there, but we both decided to stick purely to the pretty yellows.

Demona: Each egg tart, cost RM 1.20, but if you get 5 at a go, you are given 1 free. Thus, I bought 6, bringing down the price to a dollar each.

Demona: The physical look of the tart may not be all that pretty, but the flaky pastry and egg filling, surprisingly stayed in tact, when I cut it into half. When I took the first bite…. UMPH, sugary, heavenly bliss! The flaky pastry was soft and buttery, and its egg filling was delicate, sweet, not too liquid, not too solid. It was a compatible match, those two!

Verdict: I do prefer the hard pastry tarts rather than the flaky ones, but .. no complaints, I did enjoy these too. LY’s mom and me own mom make good egg tarts too, hopefully I get a chance to blog on them one day!

I heard the egg tart stall in Ipoh’s Si Mee market, apparently makes the best egg tarts in the whole entire country. My tummy is secreting the acidic tummy juices now. Will explore this on my next trip to Ipoh!