Dogmama Food@CNY 2008

Following are some tasty homely food done by Dogmama….Fantastic stuff that beats many local restaurant……

I’m really impressed of Dogmama’s culinary skills. She could always think of things to cook and always improved on her previous dishes..

Dogmama’s always says: THINK!

Fen Zhen Pork Ribs ( Pork ribs steamed with Rice starch and pepper with mashed sweet potato)
Closed up of Fen Zhen Pork Ribs:
HomeMade Kimchi (Preserved Vegetables Korean Style)
Homemade Korean Clear noodles
HomeMade Korean Beef BBQ
Braised Fish Head with Egg Tofu:
Braised Cucumber and Pork meat balls:
Shredded Chicken and Cucumber in Peanut Sauce:
Taiwan Style Fried Pork Ribs in Tapiaco Flour:
Mayonaise Chicken with Pineapples:
Braised Beef Shanks and Tendons: (coldcut)
Braised Beef Shank (Coldcut)
Homemade Preserved Vegetables Malaysia Kampung Style:
Steamed Herbal Black Chicken Stuffed with Ginseng and Glutinuous Rice:
Taiwan Spicy and Sour Soup: