The best thing to have in Taiping at 35degrees@Ansari Famous Cendol, Taiping image

get link I was in town running some errands at midday. The dry season was here to stay, not just in Klang Valley but also in the land with the highest rainfall in Malaysia! No doubt, when it is the raining season in Taiping, it pours and pours like Niagara falls, but when its hot…you could easily fry an egg in the open from the rays of sunshine.

miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 50 mg Although my car air-conditioning was at its full blast, the heat was at its peak, and I was dehydrated. Somehow rather, my subconscience guided me here after a few turns…and huh??? I am at Ansari Famous Cendol! Oh well, I found an empty space conveniently located just in front of the shop. It was meant to be-lah! image The entire place was packed with races of all kinds, busy chitterchattering away. After placing my order, I sat down with an old malay man and had a fun talk about how delicious the cendol was.

see url image There you go. The perfect thing to have at 35 degrees. Even better if you are currently perspiring.

click here image The awesome thing about this cendol is that I grew up with it. Coming back here each time to have a bowl, just brings along the whole nostalgic feel. I believe it is also the same expression to the rest of the Taiping-ites who come here for cendol.

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Even my mom could not resist the temptation of Ansari’s cendol since the weather was hot and dry. One pack to go, A-neh!

Hold your horses…your jaw is gonna drop when I tell you the cost of each bowl.

RM 1.60….say wha—–t?

That is what I love about Taiping food. My birth place’s food. Taiping rawks!

Ansari Famous Cendol
92, Jalan Barrack,
34000 Taiping, Perak
Tel: 012 633 3641


Glorious seafood lunch@Lucky Restaurant, Pasir Putih, Ipoh


Foodieventurer Kelvin brought us to this new place, Lucky Restaurant, at Pasir Putih, which I never knew existed all these years covering Ipoh. What a gem! Was told only locals know this place and out-of-towners will not know if they were not guided here.

We were glad the place was airconditioned too, since the weather was unbelievably hot!

Our first dish: fried baby fish! It reminded me of the dish my mom cooks, which was similar also except this one was fried so well you can eat the bones as well.


From a distance, they looked tiny and harmless. But upclose, if you focus on its face…boy that is one angry looking fish!


This was a self-created dish by the head chef here, prawns wrapped with bacon and fried with spicy sweet sauce. I loved the sauce and no dish can go wrong with fried bacon.


The prawns were not that big, in fact some were smaller than the others but we were not careful on checking the price until the bill came, and we were charged at RM7/prawn. OK, it was delicious…but the prawns were not that big and not similar sizes as well, to charge each piece for RM7, may just be a little over the top to customers!



This was the crab with home made fish noodles soup, another traditional signature dish from Lucky. I gotta say, this was my first time eating the noodles made in such a special way. Each strand was unevenly shaped and has a chewy bouncy texture, and tastewise, they tasted somewhat like fish cakes but in the form of strings.

The uneven strands gave an even more old school feel to the home made noodles. Pretty awesome!  The crabs were fresh too. I had fun having 3 claws to myself!

This was about RM 70/enough for 4-5 pax.


This porridge portion was big. From a quick glance, it seemed ordinary. This changed 360 over once we stirred the porridge. The crab meat and roes surfaced and mini abalones were ample! Aside from the luxurious ingredients, the porridge itself: soft, density just about right, wok hei flavoured, and nicely seasoned.

I do not like porridge in general, but this is a total exception! By far, the best porridge I ever had in my life. I regretted taking too much of the noodles, otherwise I would have more carbohydrate room for this!

It was about RM 55/enough for 4-5 pax. Continue reading “Glorious seafood lunch@Lucky Restaurant, Pasir Putih, Ipoh” »