The next available Wan Tan Mee@Chulia Street, Penang


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After wrapping up work at about 9 pm, we wanted to have a quick and simple dinner before calling it day. Our man here was in some unexplainable deep craving for wan tan mee.

We drove to Chulia street but unfortunately, the famous stall selling wan tan mee just outside the furniture shop was closed for the day.

Hunger pangs. We parked, and settled down for the next best thing: another wan tan mee stall, just a stone throw away.


Wan tan mee

There was something about red coloured char siews on my noodles that I just could not agree on. I like my charsiews REALLY grilled and not coloured.

This bowl of wan tan noodles had absolutely nothing to shout about. Plain jane, nothingto gain. RM 3.30. OK-lah.

It was an extremely hot day, and I’d thought I load myself up with some vits to avoid falling sick again. The orange juice had no ice and no sugar, hence half a cup @_@. This is a materialistic world. Orange juice was…..normal. As a matter of fact, a little sour for me.

But, I gotta give a thumbs up for just having these by the road side. Watching foreign tourists’ high enthusiasm to have a taste of local food. Under a cool wind breeze. Pretty awesome way to end a long day.


Pretty good CKT


Ample duck eggs

Of course! What is Penang, without Char Kueh Teow? I missed out taking note of the kopitiam’s name, it is located at a corner lot of a row of shophouses near Green Road.

This nameless, unseemly, not spoken of CKT, did kick up a storm! The portion was not big, a great thing for ladies and also it won’t get you feeling sleepy because of a heavy breakfast. The CKT was fried with duck eggs, giving them a daffodil like bright yellow colour.

More Penang foodieventures to come!


Eggy tart goodness@Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop, Burmah Road, Penang


Surrounding area

I’ve stayed at Tunes hotel a couple of times throughout these years of business trips here, but I never noticed this pastry shop from across the road…until now.

The shop is rather tiny, squeezed in between these colonial structured old houses turned into shophouses.


Entrance to Ming Xiang Tai

That is why it is easily missed. The entrance to the place is small and a few baking equipments parked outside blocked its view further.


Some cool vintage photos

Once stepped inside, it was a whole new world altogether. The pungent aroma of egg and butter draws you sniffling all the way in.

The walls had framed printed articles write up and also some cool vintage photos of the baking business back dating back all the way to 1979.

It seems the person who started baking egg tarts was Ming Xiang Tai itself, the name of this shop and he started off by peddling his egg tarts on a trishaw in Kampar.

Today, he has 3 outlets including this one and has made his name well known in Penang. Kudos to his tenacity!


Thanks to the golden light on display, every pastry looked super delicious. Definitely influenced by my hunger (it was nearly 7 pm already) and the smell of butter and egg.


Signature egg tart

The egg tart, I gotta say…deserves a 2 thumbs and 2 toes up! The egg custard was so smooth, it just dissolves in your mouth, and the crust was thin yet flaky. I dislike thick crusts that kill off the taste of the egg custard.

What a sinful supper. Gobbled 2 of them at 10.30 pm in the hotel room. White flag to successful dieting habits!

It was not that cheap though, a piece of this cost RM 1.80. For the quality you get and pricing is similar to many generic ones in Klang Valley, it is worth the penny investment!


Ko Cha Char Siew Pao

He named this “Ko Cha Char Siew Pao”, which meant “those days/ olden days grilled pork bun”. 
The crust was a pretty good job done. Flaky, crunchy and not too thick. The ingredients inside were not bad as well. It actually tasted like the char siews were home cooked, and had a little extra peppery kick too!

But I still prefer the ones in Seremban, except Seremban’s ones come in green peas…which is the only downside for me.

The KC CSP is not cheap though, a whopping RM 2.20 / piece. And no …I did not eat the 2 CSPs in my room after swallowing those egg tarts. I brought it back home for dinner the next day.

Looking forward to getting my hands on the egg tarts again on my next trip! Next week, TLCC guys?

Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop
133 Jalan Burma,
Georgetown, 10050 Georgetown,
Pulau Pinang
Tel: +604-227 9880
FB Page: