Hawker foodie gluttony unleashed@New Lane Hawker Centre, Penang


http://buy-generic-clomid.com Wesley Methodist Church

This was my first time entering the Methodist church and I was awed by its beauty. Established since 2 centuries ago. Rustic, calm and peaceful feel when you sit down for a private prayer. .

The seminar was a success by God’s grace and the day was filled with joy and praise. Hallelujah!

After the seminar ended, we rested and headed off for a gastronomic foodieventure!


Egg tart

We headed out towards the left from Royal Hotel and our first pit stop….Min Xiang Tai! After a week, I am glad I am back again for more egg tarts! The soft eggy texture with the flaky crust. Ahhhh… of course this was just the beginning!


Few blocks down our path, we saw the big crowd, bright lights, heavy smoke puffing up from the corner of the streets. TONs of hungry people eating their ways through at New Lane.

We ordered almost every Penang like food we could think of and began our marathon.

Our first dish: assam laksa!

It looked so normal at first, but whaddya know. The soup was full of fishy flavour and spicylicious! About RM 3 plus per serving.


Grilled chicken wings

Next stop: grilled chicken wings! The marination was little sweet, but I didn’t mind. It was delicious.  The charcoal smokey flavour was infused in the chicken. Pretty good grilling effort! RM2/wing.


Char kueh teow

I think I have not eaten any really BAD ckt in Penang ever. Somehow they taste fairly good on any stalls I randomly tried, including this one. It did not look like it had much wok hei and the colour did seem a little dull. But taste was totally opposite. Spicylicious indeed! RM 4.


Penang curry mee

The curry mee is the first I had in Penang in a long time. Typical chinese style. Less lemak and more chilli oil with squid slices and “heh kor” / prawn paste. Oooooh lala!


Chee chueng fun

This chee cheung fun was the one that surprised us most. Looked extremely normal. But once popped a piece in…Kaboom! The ccf slice was soft outside and hot inside. With a flavour kick added from the sesames. And the the cherry on the top of the icing was the sauce. The “heh koh” and sambal mixture. YUMMY! RM 3 plus.

We whalloped our dinner within minutes and continued our foodie journey to the next location. Stay tuned!


Home cooked hokkien food@Ang Hoay Lor, Jalan Gurdwara, Penang


Noodles with pork

The sky was blue. Hardly any clouds. The ground temperature was possibly 35C. Two words: scorching heat.

Yet, my customer was keen to introduce me this restaurant since he found out I am a hokkien hailing from the north.

Ang Hoay Lor from outside, looked pretty unseemly, no bright red chairs or flashy signboards. Just a vintage looking signboard with the 3 words. Easily passed by, hardly noticed.

Lunch was late. We arrived ar 2.30 pm hence the lunch crowd was long gone. Food came quick and we had the first dish: Hokkien char / fried in English, with pork meat. Strangely, this shop does not sell chicken meat/beef. Only pork. Now that is what we call: ada gaya/ got attitude. Me like. They know what they’re good at and master at it.

Although I am not big fan of yellow noodles, I gotta say…this dish was pretty unique. The gravy is slightly starchy, savoury, and its colour was gray. I don’t recall my mom or grandma cooking noodles in this style, but I think there are some similarities in the flavourings as I got the strong vibes of home cooked feeling.


Fish slices

These fish slices with spring onions and ginger were really authentic home cooked style. The freshness of the fishes was quite alright, but the dish did somewhat remind me of home and gave a calm peaceful feel eating it.


Home made fried tofu

Apparently, they are famous for their home made tofu dish, which really struck home. It really tasted home made and the simplicity if the style of cooking fueled the home cooked feel further.

I really felt at ease and relaxed while having lunch here. As if my business meal was in my kitchen.

Total damage was RM 45. .

I got to give it to the chefs who really made us all feel at home while eating at AHL. For hokkien dish lovers, noteworthy to give it a try.

260, Jalan Gurdwara (Brick Kiln Road),
10300, Jelutong, Pulau Pinang,
Tel: 04-262 4841