Fluffy wuffy chapati@Market Taman Tun Sardon

enter site MDemona: This is my first official work trip to Penang. I was obviously excited.. hey, I’m in the food haven town! (besides Ipoh, of course). Once my colleague and I landed in Penang, we met our local colleagues here for a quick bite before heading off to work.

acheter du viagra a la pharmacie de dieu We arrived at this market, filled with patrons busy chomping away all these deliciousness. I loved the sight of people enjoying their food, and the stall owners earnestly preparing their dishes, aiming to serve their best to their loyal customers.

http://buy-generic-clomid.com There were all kinds of yummy food here! Nasi lemak, roti canai, “kuih-muih”, toast bread etc. I was spoilt for choices.

In the end… I came across this stall where the couple only sells chapati. It caught my attention immediately.

“Surviving by only selling chapati? Gosh, they must be really good alright.”

The owner never stopped for even one minutes without having to make a chapati. I ordered one and … PHEW, it was an awesome choice I made.

This was by far, the best, fluffiest, freshest chapati I’ve ever eaten so far. I didn’t even need any side dishes to complement my chapati. It was pure awesomeness on it’s own.

I think I’m going to visit this uncle a lot more from now on. SLURPPPPPPP.

Cinnamon rolls@Adventist Bakery

Demona: My aunt recently went on a business trip to Penang, which involves a meeting and a tour in the Penang Adventist Hospital. Diplomatic stuff. She brought home a box of cinnamon rolls from the Aventist Bakery, the resident bakery in the hospital.

Demona: I must admit, I am overall, pretty skeptical about hospital food.

Demona: Whaddya know…. it actually tasted good! The dough was fluffy and it was wholemeal based. The little grainy bits here and there, gave each bite a healthy, wholesome feeling, which suited well with a hot cup of coffee on this sunny Saturday morning. Another well deserved brownie point was that the baker eased on the butter/oil content, unlike cinnamon rolls which you get from big names eg: Saint Cinnamon which are grossly, heavily coated with oil and sugar, definitely not for the faint hearted. You can see some faint yellow coloured sugary butter coating on some parts of the dough.

Demona: Instead of purely adding processed sugar, coarsely chopped apricots and mini raisins were added in between of the cinnamon roll layers. I think that this is a good improvisation. Besides that, it gives a nice feel to have chewy bits to bite on in between the dough layer. You can see the fruit bits from the pict!

There is one part that the baker can improve on, is to add a little bit more cinnamon to the rolls, to bring out the smell and flavour even more. In this aspect, the big names definitely win them all.

Nevertheless, I much preferred my cinnamon rolls baked in this wholesome manner. To be frank, I would never buy the cinnamon roll from the big names.

One, they do not attract me, I find them small, overly oily, and costly.

Two, somehow or rather, I feel like I am cheated, to buy these expensive cinnamon rolls which are drizzled over with hershey’s chocolate syrup, or pre-supplied blueberries and jam, which .. kinda’ like, buying a pathetic, miserable looking ham sandwich, with a tiny piece of lettuce and some butter and mayo from chain bakeries versus two big chunky slices of grained bread, coated with garlic butter, toasted with a healthy portion of smoked ham, lettuce, some cheese, maybe brie, sprinkled over with pepper, salt and herbs as you like, using your humble and loyal tiny toaster, until the bread turns golden brown and fragrant.

Haha. You know, that homey feeling. I apologise. Dogma knows me well, I am a descriptive person.

Maybe I can baking cinnamon rolls next time! :).. Dogma..*winks*.