Outta-the-world mee mamak!@Bangkok Lane, Penang

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Of the many years I came to work in Penang, I was surprised I never came to meet this awesomeness until that one fine hot week day. After meeting with some customers, just that one hour window frame before the dinner event, my colleague brought me here for early dinner.

The shop seemed really normal looking, but I saw the chef frying away fueled with passion, I knew I was in for something outta dis world.


He whipped up an awesome plate of mee mamak, one of the trademark dishes here. The dishes are all halal dishes as the chefs are Indian Muslims. Looked pretty normal dish from the photo eh? But omgosh, the bursting forth of flavours : spicy chilli, sweetened tomatoes, charcoal infused smokeyness , the sauce coated each strand of noodle evenly that every slurp was explosive.

By far, the best mee mamak I had ever tasted. The gluttony in me wanted a second plate order, but we were running out of time. Ohmo!


The other trademark dish here was the mee rebus. This time the sauce, dense, creamy, spicy, tumeric, saffron, chilli filled sauce soaked the noodles. Squid slices were added along to accompany the tofus and eggs. We began with a fiery frying start and ended it with a slurpicilious finish!


I thought the mee mamak was awesome, the mee rebus was equally awesome. *Face palm* we dug out the golden strips of noodles hidden beneath the bubbling hot gravy unraveling the beauty of this dish, blowing our minds as they enter into our mouths.

Be warned: one spoonful, and you would become unstoppable. all sin and guilt of calories, fat fright and stuffs got to be tossed outta the window of your mind.

If only we had more time, urgh.

Bangkok Lane mee mamak and mee rebus. You struck my heart like Mr Cupid and his arrow of love. I’ll be back for you soon!

280 Jalan Burma
(Seng Lee Coffeeshop @ Pulau Tikus)
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Operating Hours:
Tues – Sun (8.30am- 6.00pm)
Closed on Mon

Tong sui marathon@Kimberley Street, Penang


Tons and tons of tourists, out-of-towner foodieventurers and local Penang-ites occupying the streets. It felt like a food fest, and every growling tummy was out there to have an awesome time eating!

The night was hot and humid also, and I was perspiring like roast pig. A cold, sweet, icey dessert would be the best remedy now!


The leng chee kang was a life saver! Dried longans, ginkos, “atapchi”/nypa palm fruticans, strips of jellies in sweetened syrup cooled with ice cubes. Wasn’t the best I tasted but it would make do to cool off the humidity and heat!


I stayed away from this almond dessert as I am no fan of almond’s taste in powdered form but my gfs loved it.

If our dinner earlier was less heavy, we might be able to stomach in the duck noodles from the stall opposite of this place. There was a long queue at this stall and the herbal smell of the duck meat was amazing. Next trip I will come for this!