Dou Jiang Breakfast@Fu Hang Dou Jiang…’s opposite, Taipei image Fu Hang Dou Jiang. As a foodieventurer, I really DID try. This was where I stood when I arrived at 9 am. 30minutes later, I was 3 persons ahead. I turned back and saw 30 people behind me. We played tags. I sent my spy to check the queue up ahead. Full all the way to the second floor.

here Now my math is terrible (only scored lower B for Add Math in highschool), if I were to persevere, I would need to persevere 3-4 hours!?

dove acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Venezia Growls. Growls. Growls. Tummy can’t wait! Next trip then, Fu Hang! I’ll see you at 5 am.

go to link image

oxford online pharmacy clomid dosage We left the ridiculous queue and just across the street, a humble looking shop serving similar breakfast and oh well, the place was also filled with patrons.

Breakfast here it is then!


This zero oil roti canai-like thing is another local breakfast delight, supposedly eaten along with soya bean. It was so-so for me but the warm soya bean was oooooh lah lah! Great for a cooling morning!


We ordered another, served in a bowl, for easier dipping. My skin “felt” smoother by the sips!


This…was by far, my favourite. My first time ever having a savoury tau too far rendition. It never crossed my mind at all that tau foo far can come in other versions besides being sweet.

With the sliced crispy yao char kueys, spring onions, lard and meat bits, drizzled over with some vinegar to curdle up the soy, the tau foo far pretty much tasted like porridge but softer, smoother and less guilty? (Carbs).

I LOVE IT. Gobble gobble gobble.


This was another peculiar combination, a local delight as well. Roti telur wrapped with yao char kueh. Pretty hard to eat in one mouthful, in the end, we spread them out and eat each thing separately. It is strange to see how popular roti canai is in Taiwan actually, just that the flavour varied a little, with some essence of Chinese cooking.

Total damage: RM15. Steal deal!

Day 2 in Taipei surely started pleasant indeed! (Minus the boring 30minute wait).

Next foodieventure, where to???

Excited for Lord’s Day@PyungKang Cheil Church 평 강 제 일 교 회, Seoul

imageI was up early, all geared up and ready for Lord’s Day service at PyungKang Cheil Church 평 강 제 일 교 회. I quickly packed up some nutritious sweet deliciousness while overlooking the gorgeous view of the city centre before heading to Oryu-Dong. How convenient it was by train, direct from the City Hall stop which only took 40 minutes to reach there.

imageThe feeling of excitement burst forth the moment my feet landed onto the holy ground. First stop.. Shalom cafe! Sipping a hot cuppa long black while reading the History of Redemption series map from the time of Adam until the birth of Jesus Christ, intricately mapped out by our beloved Senior Pastor Reverend Abraham Park.

imageMr RUSH was also beaming with happiness, stepping into Moriah sanctuary. As you silently sit, with your eyes closed, listening to the Mizpah choir rehearsing, the angelic melodious sounds gliding through your eardrums.. the walls of Jericho of your heart would just crumble down and a glimpse of heaven would appear.

imageThe ever so powerful worship and praise led by Pastor Kim never ceased to lift up the spirits of all saints. “The Love of God is greater far” song stayed in my mind for the next few days. His love indeed, surpasses heaven and earth.

It was such a great and blessed message preached by Pastor Lee. The blessing of Ebenezer is already in our lives, may we give thanks always regardless of our situations. Help us to restore our prayers, with a repented heart and crying out to Father, and may we persevere through with faith and endurance and all that we prayed for will be heard, comforted, answered and fulfilled. Amen.

imageMay Father’s majesty, terror and angels be upon your healing and recovery and may You help every saint to believe well, and overcome the world by faith with endurance. Amen.

imageAfter the service, I dropped by the Tous Les Jours located just outside PyungKang Cheil Church 평 강 제 일 교 회, to pay the sweet lady a visit as she was such a dear, and expressed her kindness to us on our last few visits. Although she would not be able to remember me, but every deed she gave to me was entrenched in my memory forever. I bought a cheese bun from her shop, just because.


imageThe cheese bun was like a Twiggies version of a Jap cheese cake. Somewhat similar to the Tokyo Banana, but lighter, fluffier and softer, with some cream cheese fillings inside. It was really pleasant to munch this along my journey back to Oryu-Dong MRT station, on the cool breezy morning.