Wok n Pan@Melaka Raya

enter site Wok n Pan is widely known amongst local Melaccans and outsiders for western food especially babi porky ones.

The decor of the restaurant is rather simple but filled with patrons, even when I arrived at 9 pm. I googled up reviews on this place and many recommend trying WnP’s pork ribs and pork chop.

I gotta hand it to the chefs grilling the ribs… they were super tender, nicely char grilled and served with a generous portion too. Delicious!  RM 23 ish, if I recalled correctly.

However…those ribs cannot be the champion, Hurricanes Grill in Sydney. Nevertheless, this was a thumbs up for me!

The pork chop was very tender too, just the right amount of fattyness to melt, forming a coat of shiny layer on the meat and locking in oungent sweet meaty porky aroma. RM 20 plus too.

I would definitely want to come back again for pork ribs round 2! Can’t wait!

But right before the meaty session… we popped by Nadeje for a slice of crepe cake. RM 10 per slice. The cream in between those thinly sliced crepe layers were light, fluffy and not too sweet, making every bite fulfilling.. yummzzzz..but the best cream pastries to me, still belonged to Patisserie Rui’s swiss rolls!

Indulging Saturday brunches

When I ran out of space to post at Tummies Growl, was a time I switched jobs and the first few months of work were hectic beyond words.

I do realise I take less pictures of foodies and somehow, makan sessions just aren’t the same without eat-post TGWG…

Time to walk back to the right path of foodventuras!

Let the first post be on a glorious Saturday brunch!

All-day-scrumptous breakfast at Coffee Bean MK. It’s healthy as nothing is deep fried in it. Reason for the extra-healthy choice on my usual overindulging Saturdays is because of…..

Patisserie Rui’s amazing swiss rolls!

Gotta have meal-to-meal calorie balance. Eat more there eat less here.

It delivers the same happy effects as Village Park’s nasi lemak lol.
The best swiss roll ever!
For cake and cream lovers, this is a must-try and do go early to buy as they are usually sold out by noon.