A girl’s wish come true@Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara

I am glad having given the opportunity to witness the holy matrimony of my colleague, SJ.
It was my first time attending an event in this convention centre. The rooftop venue was an excellent choice for a luncheon. The sunnie rays shone through the glass windows creating a warm atmosphere and the hall was beautifully decorated with the pastel theme colours.
The happy bride SJ was beaming with joy and gladness and the husband was filled with smiles. What a blessed day, Amen!
The wide array of pastries and desserts really got me excited just looking at them beautifully displayed. The downside of all these desserts are that they’re served in tiny portions and you forget that you actually ate alot already.
I think I took 4 spoons and 2 bowls of pastries and… 2 cupcakes.. 1 stolen for later consumption in the car. >___<
I had 1 more cupcake.. during the wedding reception at night. Oh mamama………

A sweet bun surprise right before bed@Paris Baguette

follow link Korea’s patisserie, Paris Baguette is one of the top bakeries in the Won land and it is easily spotted just about any corner of the street.

http://it-farmacia.com/informazioni-su-viagra.html I got a bun, stuffed with thicky and fluffy cream and red bean paste… my favourite for.. freeeeeeeeeee…! It was really yummy…mmmmm….bliss!

http://buy-generic-clomid.com Ok, time to sleep *burp*. A healthy diet indeed, cream and sugar and straight to bed.