Green tea overdose@streets of Kyoto

source The city is filled with all things green tea. Green tea cakes, green tea biscuits, green tea ice cream, green tea bread, green tea mochi, green tea chocolates etc. This crazed fame is likelyhood induced by tourists as we had meals in several old skool japanese restaurants and they do not serve hot oocha. They have oolong instead. Hmmm?

other drugs like clomid Anyway since we were foreigners in this land, we joined in the crazed fame of trying all things green.

Green tea cream puff was yums! The puff was made of cinammon and do not be fooled by the big puff. In fact it is very hollow in the middle and filled with creamy fully green tea custard cream. They were so generous with the cream that one bite, the cream just oozes out.

A puff you don’t wanna eat in front of your cute first date.

Another rolled layer cake but mixed with a butter flavoured layer in the middle. This wa average, no where near the Fa Baum’s green tea cake.

More green tea stuffs to come… Green with Happy Envy!

Greentea layer bliss@Fu Baum, Kyoto

I was recently at Kyoto for a meeting and this city proved to be a city of gastromonic adventure as well!

Came across this shop by chance and the baker was in action at the front side of the bakery. The cake batter was rolled on a long thick metal roller pin and baked to yummy perfection.

There are two flavours, butter or green tea. I chose the green tea.

Each layer falls off nicely with each bite and you can taste the sweetened thin sugared coating which holds the layers together. Skillful!

The bitter after taste of the green tea leaf lingers in your mouth after eating.

Each cake cost 1155Yen. Pretty pricey but it was all worth it knowing I might not eat this ever again. A must try in Kyoto!