First physical & spiritual meal@Pyung Kang Cheil Church 평강제일교회, Seoul

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dove acquistare vardenafil generico 20 mg The eve of the Day of Victory, had arrived! The temperate was -1 that night. We were greeted by many PKJI 평강제일교회 family members and this large banner as we walked in. We headed to Martha restaurant which was allocated for overseas members. We saw many familiar faces and had the opportunity to catch up with them. image

source Dinner was provided for us by the Women’s ministry. And boy oh boy, the food was delicious! Especially the fried fish and grilled chicken. Tender, juicy, yummy! To top it all, having them under the wings of Father, was the best moment for us.

watch To finish off the tummy venture, was an icey cold, rice and barley boiled sweetened drink. It may not look really pretty, greyish in colour and all, but shhhhh… I had 3 cupfuls of it. Haha. Burps. After my 3rd cup, I feel the fuzziness and sleepiness was kicking in. Nasi kandar effect you know? But in a drink format. image

acquistare levitra pagamento online I love my experience of climbing up the stairs to Moriah sanctuary while they were all lited up!

come comprare vardenafil contrassegno online image An imagery of the birth of JC outside Moriah sanctuary.

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Love the glorious sound of praise from the worship team led by Ps Kim enveloping all 4 corners of my ears!

We will be heading to Yeoju tomorrow for the Day of Victory!

Day 3 : Deuteronomy 32:7 day for TLCC!@Yeoju Summer retreat


A typical hearty breakfast for the locals here. A hot bowl of seaweed soup to cleanse the bowels and healthy vegetables and fish to complement the steaming bowl of white rice. Such meals surely set the tone for a victorious day ahead!


All congregation members geared and fired for the Word of God! The Mitzhpah choir and orchestra team were all dressed in white shirts and black pants, ready to present the heavenly, melodious hymns to Father.


On top of the History of Redemption Series of lectures in Yeoju, this year’s summer retreat also brought in several new initiatives, one of which is the “History of Redemption songs” competition. And overseas branch churches are also allowed to participate!

By Father’s grace, we got a slot in and personally, it was the greatest grace I received from Father. As a church, we dedicated Deuteronomy 32:7 song, an original I had written 3 years back.

“remember the days of old, consider the years of all generations, ask your father he will show you, ask your elder they will tell you”, the founding verse of the History of Redemption Series books written by our beloved Sr Pastor Rev. Abraham Park.

And we got bronze prize! Amen hallelujah!



We had a short post-celebratory supper with several TLCC members, discard the guilt of calories! Hehehehe. This yoghurt ice cream is really the best one ever! Easily beating Fro and Tutti Fruiti. Accompanying along our yummylicious ice cream were home made cookies given by the Golden Bell sisters. Awesome!


A great fellowship time with TLCC brothers and sisters, with our beloved TLCC pastor!



I penned the lyrics down in a letter and gave it as a thanksgiving offering to Sr Pastor 3 years ago in Shalom cafe. Through the books, my heart opened and grew to want to know the Word of God more and more, and I have never read any writings which had so much depth and precision yet communicated in such simple ways.

I was both nervous and happy when I first heard about our participation into this competition and using Deu 32:7 as the offering song. Nervous being that I didn’t want the song to end up as an act of glorifying myself, but happy being that I would have never imagined standing in front of the entire PKJI congregation and offering a song written by me. I prayed a lot for Father’s answers and asked for His help to humble me and that He will receive this song with gladness.

Everyone felt the jitters prior stepping up on stage. We did our individual prayers and our pastor also stood close by giving us his encouragement. As we started to sing, I drew all my focus on Father. When the music started, and the lyrics started flowing in, I felt the immense joy in my heart and also the warmth of His smile and embrace.

To hear Deu 32:7 with my own ears resounding through the entire Moriah sanctuary, and having PKJI congregation members singing along with us, was something I never would have imagined ever happening in my life.

I received the answer of Father gladly received the offering given 3 years ago and He had blessed in return through the song being publicly heard today. It was truly thousand fold blessings from Father, as on top of dedicating this song in Moriah sanctuary, the lyrics were also translated and published in the Champyungan magazine!

Thank You Father 🙂 for everything.