*Brrrrrr* chilly walk@Nanjing FuZiMiao

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acquistare levitra generico garanzia One that cold, cold morning, I took the MRT a couple o stops away from the hotel to do the “touristy” activity. I guess I should also do a little sight seeing of Nanjing, on top of the gastronomic adventure.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=dove-acquistare-levitra-generico-20-mg-in-italia It was an extremely chilly morning, about 5 degrees or so. And it was also drizzling as well as pretty strong wind at that morning. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

acquistare levitra senza ricetta pagamento online Nonetheless Fu Zi Miao was packed, with TONS of tourists, who were mainly local Chinese!

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go to link The entire area was rather large, with various scenic surroundings and beautifully constructed ancient architectures such as this one. If you cut out all the noise coming from the tourists, one can really meditate or do yoga right in front of this zen-like square shaped pool.

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source link The streets were surrounded by ancient architectured shops, with gigantic signs protruding out along the street alleys. It was quite a nice stroll along these streets. If they added along the horse pulling trishaws, and road side peddlars, and everyone around is dressed in traditional clothings, this place could be transported back in time.

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http://handi-crafters.org/?search=buy-propecia-from-online-pharmacy The only downside was that most of these shops looked really nice outside, but inside, all the things sold were the generic souvenir shops which then totally put you off from the whole walk back in time experience.

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Within a good 1 hour, I had seen enough and walked back out. As I blindly walked around, I came across the entrance into Nanjing university. The view looked superbly amazing eh? If I was a student, I’d look forward to walking in to such a scenic looking university!


All the Brrrrrrrrrrr walking, helped burned up more calories! (I hope lol). Walked in to some random shop along the way to grab some hot, steamy foodie!

One “long” of steamed dumplings for this 5 degree weather please! (No more steamed dumplings for me for the next few months)


Salted flat fish slice as accompaniment. Nothing much to shout about, the fish was too boney for me!


Last but not least, a gigantic bowl of vegetarian looking noodles. Cost me about RM 22, including the fish. The noodles were…..Alright. Average. Nothing unique about it but was told this was traditional Nanjing local noodles style of cooking. Oh well! It was still quite nice, to eat a bowl of piping hot noodles with steamy soup on a superbly cold day.

What other foodie in Nanjing that can excite me further? More foodieventures to go!

Amazing local Nanjing food@Nanjing Da Pai Dang, Nanjing

Walking into Nanjing Da Pai Dang was like walking back in time. Located at the top floor of high end mall, known as Nanjing Deji Plaza Shopping Centre, I found it intriguing that walking into the restaurant made me felt like I was in a totally different place, chronologically too!

The workers were all dressed in ancient traditional outfits, and the tables and chairs were all wooden, squarish, petite. The restaurant’s walls, pillars and ceilings were centred on wooden structures. The cutleries and utensils also turned back in time. Not to mention, traditional music players were stationed in the middle of the restaurant, and they were playing their stringed instruments as the patrons dined. What was lacking was that, I should have come with a cheongsam or a samfu, then I would have totally matched the scene!



This salted duck dish, was a traditional classic Nanjing dish. Duck soaked in brine. Omgosh. Kicked ass. Tender, tender, tender meat. Thumbs up! I had trained up to skip rice even when the dishes are very salty, so I could do without rice even for this, but I reckon many will enjoy this even more with rice!


The “Shi Zi Dou”, literally means ” Lion’s Head”, the name itself baffled me a little. It looked nothing like a lion! Just a really, really, large pork ball served in pork broth. Beware guys! Fattylicious! And one Lion’s Head could really fill up your tummy nice and full. Phew, if we had ordered more than 1, our tummies would literally be chewed up by the “lions”!


Several more traditional Nanjing dishes, the steamed dumplings, which pretty much resembled xiao long baos, the taste was pretty good. But they could not match the XLBs we had at the little stall opposite Somerset Suites in Shanghai.

The stewed 3 layered pork, was pretty impressive too. Tender beyond words. Fattylicious – ain’t suitable for the dieters and faint hearted. I could feel my LDLs and cholesterol sky rocketing up by the minute.


This dish! By far was my favourite Nanjing dish of all. Partly because I was already biased. Out of the 3 ingredients, 2 are my favourites. 1) lotus roots 2) sticky sweetened sauce. If the holes in between the lotus roots were stuffed with meat rather than rice, I might have loved it 150%. But glutinous rice matched well too. The starchiness and sweetness of the rice, made it really nice to chew along with the softened, sweetened lotus roots.

Total damage was about RM 60, inclusive of 1 bottle of beer. Not bad at all! I would have ended up paying nearly RM100 over back in Malaysia.

This restaurant is absolutely worthy for foodieventurers and I would recommend anyone who is visiting Nanjing to give this restaurant a go!

The only downside is that, the place is so packed and the tables are closely positioned to maximise the business capacity, so if you have rowdy neighbours like I did (throwing rubbish on the floor, digging toes, spitting, yikes!), then it could irk you a little. But, if you are fine with all that, then focusing only on the food quality aspect, it is 100% worthy !

Nanjing Da Pai Dang,
Nanjing Deji
Plaza Shopping Center
Website: http://www.njdapaidang.com/