Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

http://buy-generic-clomid.com After finishing up the bowl of prawn mee, Demona ‘s tummy was still growling and I decided to try the famous Melaka Chicken Rice Ball. You know, so much has been said about the hand rolled chicken rice ball from Melaka and you just gotta tried them when you are in town.

Seeing the long long queue of the famous Chung Wah Restaurant Chicken Rice Ball, we decided to try the more touristy yet less crowded Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant off Jonker Street.

The Famosa Chicken Rice Ball restaurant even have their own website @ http://www.melaka.net/famosa/
.Chicken Rice Balls: This is how the website describe the rice balls:
All our chicken rice ball are moulded by machine. It’s clean and hygenic plus the fragrant rice flavour are maintained. Every single rice ball you consume, you will get to taste the full flavour engrained in a wholesome rice ball. It’s so good you can just eat it on its own

This is how Demona and Dogma describe the chicken rice balls:
Utter CRAP! The quality of rice was bad ,non-fragrant, coarse white rice that is more akin to rice for my dogs. The rice has no smell, no taste , nothing. It is like consuming a ball of starch with soya sauce. POOOI!! Each plate comes with 5 chicken rice balls and Demona and I only managed to finish up 1 each. POOOI!

Roasted Chicken: The chicken was average. It wasn’t bad that you bitch about it, and it wasnt good that it is worth talking about it. PASS.
Soup: The soup is pretty tasty, and i finish the whole bowl after the frustrated rice balls and the appalling service attitude. Salty and filled with the fried shallots fragrance.
Chilli: Boring chilli, not enough kick, a tad too sourish.

Verdict: This Famosa Chicken Rice Ball restaurant is a real joke. The service was bad. The waiters are terribly impatient when it comes to taking orders and getting the bills. It is as if they just wish us to order, eat and vanish. The atrocious service just compounded our misery at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball restaurant.

Avoid at all cost: Famosa Chicken Rice Stall @ Melaka
Address : 28-30 Jalan Hang Kasturi, off Jonker Street / + 4 other locations.

Melaka Jonker Street Ice Kacang

Woohoo, this is our inaugural road trip from KL to Singapore in my lil Jazzy Wazzy. Demona suggested for us to have a short break at Melaka to catch some local delicacies.

The sun is scorching and the Melaka town centre is a good 20 minutes drive away from the highway exit. GRRRRRR,

Demona brought me to this jam packed stall at Jonker street that is famous for their Ice Kacang. The pre-war shophouse is decorated with wooden chairs and white marble tables reminiscent of the old Kopitiam in Ipoh/Penang.

The famed Ice Kacang: Splendid Gula Melaka drizzling on top of the shaved ice. The gula melaka found here is really thick, sticky and extremely fragrant. One work- SHIOKNNNNESS! This is the perfect antidote for the sweltering heat. However, the other ingredients of the ice kacang was just so so, with the typical red bean, jagung chendol etc filling up the bowl. I would still prefer Penang’s Gurney road’s ice kacang for its solid fillings (juicy atap chee, real pandan chendol, slow cooked chunky red beans), however, the Jonker Street’s Gula Melaka is really out of this world..Probably the King of Ice Kacang would be the hybrid version of Gurneys fillings + Jonkers Gula Melaka!
Prawn Mee: Both of us shared this bowl of prawn mee from the stall beside the ice kacang. The soup was pretty tasty with good amount of prawn essence in it. However, it just lack the WOW factor. Pretty average bowl of prawn mee. PASS.
TOOT TOOT TOOT: On our way to Singapore with Demona’s 150 kilo worth of cosmetic, lingerie, fans, mirrors, shoes, bags, clothes and what not. Driving for 360 km was quite a dread and I have to rest my legs at times on the dash board. Apologies to Demona who have to bear with my stinky feet