Flight Food from KL to Rome

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=Comprare-Cialis-20-mg-Senza-Ricetta-Italia This was my first business meeting, with the priviledge of flying business class. Probably the last time ever too. But yeah, I must admit… business class flight sure makes the journey SO MUCH more great. Mostly from the free flow champagne and wine and.. the reclining seat. Mostly, the reclining seat as I am an extremely light sleeper and have trouble sleeping on the plane almost every travel.

see My journey to Rome was via MAS. 

dove acquistare levitra originale 20 mg in italia We were served with beef and chicken satays as appetizers. These were one of the most delicious satays I’ve eaten, aside from Satay Station’s or the ever so famous Kajang Satay. Washed down the palate with some champagne, though this champagne was not particularly great. Only thing wierd was consuming all of these at 1 am. Slightly uncomfortable for the tummy.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=informazioni-viagra-generico-25-mg-a-Parma Some cold cut salmon with fruits while watching “The Green Lantern”, with cushion bass filled speakers, unlike the shytty ones we get in economy seats. Damnit.

clomid drug interactions Grilled salmon. Too hard for my liking. Totally overgrilled.

By lunch time (Malaysian time), and early morning 4 am Amsterdam time, we were awakened with fresh smell of toast pastries. The cereal granola were delicious, and really opened up the appetite.

I opted for the blueberry pancakes, instead of the savoury omelette with mushrooms and that was a big mistake. The pancakes were hard and too sweet. Big disappointment.

On the KLM flight from Amsterdam to Rome, we had our brunch on the 2 hour journey. They served the most adorable salt and pepper kit, in the form of the dutch clogs. So cute! The cold cuts with cheese were pretty flavourful and tasty, went well with the black coffee. The mains however, was lousy. Did not eat much of it.

We flew across this beautiful icey hilly mountainous area. We were debating on whether was this the Alps or Prague. The stewardess told us that we were lucky as most of the times, it would be cloudy and hazy and hardly any view to see.

However nice the presentation of the meals were, the thought of my colleague who was an ex-stewardess, telling me that these food were frozen sometimes, 1 month or more was always on the back of my mind. So yeah… Food for thought.