Tummy calming before the storm@SS2 mamak square


With the new ritual of Sunday evening badminton sessions, foodieventure around the badminton court areas becomes a ritual too after the game.

Feeling a little ‘nasi lemak’ deprived, we headed to the nearby hotspot…SS2’s mamak square to have a dose of the famous nasi lemak ayam goreng. Quite a hearty meal but my fav still belongs to Village Park.


The yong tao fooo@RM 8 was just a mere so-so. The curry gravy was too diluted. Yawnnnnnsssss.


The one that i was looking forward most to eating is the ibumie with egg. It looked delicious when served…but taste wise… boringgggggg…i couldn’t even finish it and i was at the borderline of forcing myself to eat it in order not to waste food. The last time i had it a year ago was delicious.

QC runs i guess. The only consistent foodie item here is the nasi lemak.

All in all, dinner was rather nice because of the cold breeze blowing through our sweaty bodies, cooling us down. Looks like it is going to storm heavily tonight. If only it isn’t Monday tomorrow!


First mamak supper meal in years@Kayu, SS2

It has been years! Since I have mamak supper (long gone college days). 

After a tiring week had passed, a massage treat in ss2 was very much needed to recuperate the exhaustion. After the massage, the tummy got disobedient and starting calling out for food…. at 11.30 pm. Oh man….

Kayu …here we go!

As expected, the restaurant was packed with college kids in skimpy clothings, old folks in t shirts and shorts, kids in pyjamas, men in sarongs etc. What a cozy feeling!

They have upgraded the place, much cleaner with better air-conditioning and multiple big screen TVs to make your eyes go kaleidoscope!

Food was still good. The famous maggi mee goreng did not disappoint with the wok hei locked in and the roti telur was freshly made too. Having them at 12 am made me think of my college days…. ahhh…good times.

By 1230 I was done with my meal and yawning greatly. Guess my stay-up-late stamina has spiraled downhill. 

Nostalgic mamak supper moment! And I dont know when will be my next…