Happy Chinese New Year to all foodieventurers who are celebrating! :)

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watch This year proved to be very different from all my previous CNYs. I left for home on the eve of CNY after Lord’s Day Service instead of the usual few days prior CNY routine. Less of us are home this time around, and we had our steamboat at my home’s backyard inside of the living hall, and the wind was blowing cool breeze the whole night long..hey, even cicadas came to join us this year!

The Muscadet worked well to open up the appetite, while the boys get the food boiling in the steaming hot pot of tomyam soup. Slightly sweet with a little taste of grass and honey and pineapples, glides down pretty smooth. Kinda reminds me of a sauv blanc. It is quite good to drink on its own without food.

But hey, there were 7 of us drinkers so one bottle finished in an instant. I opened the Rioja Reserva 2007 at the same time too to let it breathe. It really needed to.

The first glass after about 15 minutes or so, was quite overwhelming. Heavy, beefy, leathery…very macho man feeling of a drink. Even on the nose too.

But amazingly after leaving it for a good 5 minutes or so, it changed altogether. All that heaviness just got lifted up, into this smooth, reduced leathery, beefy taste, turned a little sweet. I was caught by surprise!

Next thing I know, my dad was ushering to finish up the bottle than leaving any leftovers. Well I was thinking what”s the rush, I don’t have a problem finishing it..little did I know when I went back for the final 1/4 bottle left in the fridge, dad had slurped every last bit of it. @_@…I guess that’s a win for dad’s thumbs up on red wine?


At TLCC earlier Sunday morning, we were also treated with the traditional Korean rice cakes lunch, formally eaten on the Lunar New Year too. This was a great feeling as well to start the New Year with the family of Christ and with the Word of God!

2016’s gonna be a great year for everyone as Father’s with us !

Giong Hee Huat Chai!

T’was a redeeming ramen dinner@Ippudo, Bangsar Shopping Centre

I was really grateful to receive a RM30 voucher at the wonderful foodieventure experience with Sharyn & team in Ippudo, Pavilion.

On the last few nights before reaching the expiry date of the voucher, I redeemed  my ramen craving moments at Ippudo, BSC.


Following the description, this ramen is known to be more spicy, just how I like it! Good bye, calories and cholesterol. Power packed with porky broth flavours, creamy, with pungent aroma of the spring onions (a hefty lot was thrown into me bowl), I was in piggy heaven. What oomph-ed the situation further, was the fact that it was raining pretty heavy that night. Purrrrrr-fect for a hot bowl of spicylicious ramen!


This one was a little bit on the sweeter end, but the foundation broth was rather similar, just less spicy. After a few spoonfuls, I must say that my tongue grew numb from slurping up to hot soup and both bowls began to taste similar.

Both bowls were RM 20 over. It may seem small, but the dense, fatty, creamy soup could really fill you up quick.


The fried chicken wings were a little pricey in my opinion, cost nearly RM 20. Pretty normal wings.


These hand made gyozas were tinier than the usual but they were really quite yummy. Nicely marinate wrapped minced meat inside and the gyoza dough layer was thin and crispy. Quite enjoyable but I’d would need like 3 platefuls to feel satisfied! 5 pieces for nearly RM20 was really hurting to the pocket lol.

Total damage: about RM40 per head. Without a doubt, they really do make power yummy ramens! But it is slightly pricier than usual meals so I gotta save up a little before my next ramen crave!

G110, Ground floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285 Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Website: http://www.ippudo.com.my
FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/IppudoMalaysia