Sin Kee Hung Hiong Pia I’m usually not a big fan of hiong pia but this little buggers from Kuantan are really really excellent.. Most pll that i know usually claims that Taiping Hiong Pia is the best across the whole of Malaysia but Sin Kee Hung’s are a few leagues better than most taiping hiong pia that i’d tasted so far.

follow link Fragrant, sweet aroma of caramel and a perfect pastry crust..not too flaky, not too thick, just perfect….
Go try them if you came across any of this SKH hiong pia..

Last seen a pack of SKHHP is retailed at RM8 across jusco, albeit in a different packaging.

Laksa @Jusco Midvalley

This gotta be the greatest hidden Gem in Midvalley. Remotely located at Jusco Midvalley, this jusco stall served up one yummilicious laksa for the shoppers around.

The air is filled with a beautiful aroma of asian spices, clove and laksa flower…Just the right wake up call to our hungry wungry tummies (the pillows/bedsheet section of the jusco department store was right around the laksa stall……Dun be surprised if you got a laksa packed comfy pillow from there!)

NAsi Lemak: The chilli is a tad too spicy for me and too oily. However Demona the chilly globber still marches bravely on and sapu them clean. The Beef rendang was pretty savoury. nothing to complain about!

Laksa: Spicy and so full of true laksa flower flavour and a limey zest.. This laksa sings right to your hollowed tummy! at rm 5.90 it aint cheap but the quality is gooooood!