Village Park Part 2@Damansara Uptown Demona: There was something sinister about Village Park’s nasi lemak. After a week or so from my visit here, somehow or rather, my mind just tingles and tingles, reminding me of its deliciousness, then I start to salivate, crave, drool, dream…. of this pungent coconut fragrant rice coated with spicy, onion crazy sambal and an even ZING-er than ZING fried chicken.

So.. Dogma and I returned for round 2. (On my own, my visits to VP are uncountable already)

Demona: Sugar honey coated Dogma took the spicy sambal eggplant for me as he knew that eggplant was one of my favourite dishes. The eggplant was a little oily, but the sambal accompaniment was a lovely match to it.

Demona: The queue was elephant long. Dogma was madly frowning everytime he turned back to look at me. He queued up for food by the display counter while I sat down enjoying my White Coffee ice. He came back with a plate of chicken rendang instead of my usual fried chicken. I groannnneedddddd, telling him why he skipped the fried chicken. I needed to satisfy my crave for it. His frowning sweaty face told me clearly he wasn’t going back into the line for round 2.

This addict had to do the queuing this time.

Demona: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… crave, fulfilled! I also asked the makcik at the counter to slap on some fiery sambal on my chicken too. Dogma chewed the bony bits while I munched down the meaty parts. He now understood why I liked the fried chicken so much.

The rendang chicken was coconut creamy, fragrant and spicy. Comparing both, I still think that, Jason Fried Chicken Bourne is the Chicken Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum for Village Park.

It is much more worth buying the nasi lemak with fried chicken set than just the chicken itself, because the set cost RM 6.50 while the chicken alone cost RM 4.50. OUCH!

Verdict: Undeniably good. Looking at the pictures now, made me build up my obsessed craving for the nasi lemak again. Oh no! Here goes the crazy, scary, out-of-control village park nasi lemak craving’s vicious cycle repeating itself.

Village Park Restaurant

Right after our early breakfast treat at Ah Weng Koh Hainanese Coffee Stall, we went for our second breakfast. This time a Chinese operated Malay stall – Village Park Restaurant at Damansara Utama, PJ.
The crowd was very interesting, with throngs of Muslims, Indians, Chinese and Caucasians gathering for cozy Malay breakfast. Seeing the healthy crowd on an early Saturday Morning, coupled with numerous newspaper article on this shop pasted on the walls, we know we are in for a good meal!

Nasi Dagang aka Merchant Rice: Tender loving soft beef rendang with good dose of spice and a tinge of sweetness in it.. The meat just breaks up graciously as we poke it with the forks. MMM MMM MMM… The oily rice was a mixture of different types of grains and stirred fried with shallots. Not overly oily but with a beautiful nose of shallot fragrant. The coarse grains gives it a nice bite as well. Served on banana leaf, this dish is superb at RM5.50.
Another close up picture of the Merchant Rice

Receipt@RM5.50: The meal is pretty value for money and left us wanting for more…. Demona also spotted the nicely presented bitter gourd, binjals and other beauties at the display area.

WE will be back!