Addiction to spicy food@Jojo Pan Mee, SS2 PJ


Today: day of craving for spicy food and not knowing where to go, we blindly drove to SS2 and found a parking conveniently located outside Jojo Pan Mee.

The quality and quantity in this branch is not as good as the one in Desa Sri Hartamas. But yet, everytime I am here, the place is packed and almost always big tables are reserved. Business is really thriving for all Jojo outlets!


I ordered my usual pork pan mee, as I want plenty of meat in my dish. RM 7.30. Down side of this, no egg is available.



massive water rationing

This shop took water rationing methods to whole new scale. Look at the gigantic tanks and tons and tons of tubs!

Jojo Pan Mee
SS2/64, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 010-932-7832
FB page:


10,000 home run@Foodventuras


My body has been weak recently, from the food poisoning in Hanoi and now with the 3-in-1 fever flu cough package…and yet too much work to be done.

While I was taking a break with my tapao char siew siew kai chicken rice, and browsing on wordpress, I realised that FV has hit 10,000 views since it transitioned to .com fully last September.

Whee! 10,000! Humble personal happiness!

Thanks for the support, all you foodieventurers!