Porkylicious Tokushima Ramen try-out@Ippudo, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The friendly and charming host of Ippudo, Ms Sharyn has invited me to drop by the Ippudo outlet in Pavilion for a new ramen sneak preview!

I’m very glad she still remembered me and kindly extended an invite to this small time blogger.

I brought along two foodie friends with me, one in particular, loved everything Japanese, especially food!


The Tokushima Ramen is a seasonal menu, only available from July to September, and the ramen can also be found in other outlets except Bangsar Shopping Centre’s. The side dishes are also seasonal, only for this period of 3 months.

We had the honour to have the operations manager to brief us about the ramen, and he himself was the cook! As we were attentively listening to his heavily Japanese accented English, I couldn’t help but notice what a fun job it was to be selling the food you are so passionate about. I could feel his love for ramen through the efforts he put in to explain to us.



The briefing halted for a while as the side dishes were served to us. This was the Kimchi tofu with boiled pork. A plate comes with 2 pieces, RM 13. This was a little of an acquired taste for me. The whole thing felt very much Korean, with the spicy pork and Kimchi. I felt it was probably better off without the cold tofu. Perhaps, fried tofu may add a nicer kick to it!


This was the salmon fish and chips. The salmon was superbly fresh, and we were told that the salmon came from Norway. But the highlight of it all, was their home made tartar sauce. Full of density, flavour and character. Made the salmon in my mouth kaboom to happiness.


The mini fried wedges were crunchy, and having them cut bite sizes removed the slight guilt out of you, and with the tartar sauce diverting your senses away, the guilt disappeared even more quickly. RM 23.


This was the cheese mentaiko gyoza. The mentaiko to me was a little lacking in its creaminess, and it was also a bit curdled due to the cheese…it was quite different from the mentaiko scallop I had in Rakuzen, SS12 Subang. But the gyoza…..phew…..tenderlicious meat, soft skin, daintily wrapped and shaped to look classy. Grilled just nice, to form a crunchy bottom burnt layer, adding in the grilled flavour. One of the best gyozas I had in a long time!


The trademark of Tokushima Ramen was the raw egg addition on top of the soy based broth ramen. We were told to taste the soup before stirring the ramen with the raw egg. Apparently, this raw egg can change the whole broth flavour into something else. Wow.

The operations manager explained that, taking into some considerations of Malaysians not liking their egg raw on their food, they have experimented various ways of cooking the egg and not altering the original taste of Tokushima Ramen, but the closest they could get to was…poached eggs, yet the outcome of having a poached egg as opposed to a raw egg on the ramen still differed.

The eggs were not from Japan, but from a local provider, but all eggs used were of the highest grade we were told.


After mixing, true indeed, the broth changed totally! The much more clearer broth earlier, with stronger taste of soy and pork, now became a little buttery, and creamy. The bowl may look rather small, but holy canoly…there were so many slices of the tenderlicious pork bellies! The whole package… One word, Scrumptious!

I gotta say, I never had a ramen experience like this before, it was quite an eye opener. The chilli crazed madness in me creeped out tho, I added a lot of chilli flakes to spice up the ramen. Probably one of the big No-nos if a ramen enthusiast sees me doing this. The ramen will suit those who can’t take spicy food, or not spicy food fans in general.

This bowl cost RM 25, which really wasn’t bad after all considering the portion of pork belly slices they gave. I could tell that the broth was of high quality, and the meat was well selected too, since the overpowering porky smell was not there.

Ippudo fans! Ramen fans! Do go have a try of this seasonal, 3 months only ramen to get a feel of the ramen served in Tokushima!

The last lunch@Awesome Canteen, Taman Paramount, PJ


While everyone was away for the long holiday break, I found myself still rushing through deadlines and running around meeting customers and attending meetings. Not what I had expected for the year end.

Nonetheless, it was the final hour of closing, and I decided to take a break, and escape for a time-out lunch to get away from everything and just let me tummy have a decent meal at its own comfort.

After aimlessly driving around, I came to the Awesome Canteen, which I had always wanted to try but usually drove past it. Until today, there was a parking spot conveniently available right in front of the shop…I guess my lunch meal was destined.

I was impressed by the simplicity of the shop’s decor but ended up looking really artsy. Simple metal chairs and tables, with dried leaves and flowers hung on walls, and big framed drawings hung all over. It was also an art gallery place/ makan-makan place.


The food serving time was a little disappointing. It took nearly 30mins for my food to arrive and I was really starving. After several attempts of reminding the waiter, my sandwich came. Thankfully, the sandwich was rather delicious. Properly toasted, crunchy, and the grilled chicken was quite tender and flavourful. Only wished that the portion was bigger.


The grilled soba was actually quite food also. Well marinated. To bring out its flavour. Good quality grills but only wished that the portion was also bigger.

All in all total damage was about RM 30, which was a little premium I would say. But I guess you are paying for quality food and nice ambience. The cakes look good also but a little too pricey as well.

I was glad that the lunch break happened. A real kit-kat moment was truly needed. Alright, I am all charged up for the year end Christmas and New Year weekend break!

Awesome Canteen,
19, Jalan 20/13,
Taman Paramount,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7865 8048
Opening hours: Tuesdays – Sundays (11am-10pm)
FB page: