Brunch@Food Bazaar,Publika,Solaris Dutamas

After Sunday service, we all grabbed a quick bite before heading to IKEA – furniture shopping for our new church site. Publika’s really getting the crowd in, with weekend bazaars, exhibits and events. It’s quite nice how they also blocked off a section of the road within Publika for families, especially those living at the condo above, to do out-door cycling activities.

We spotted these 3 Caucasians, sweating away like suckling pigs, while shouting, smiling and promoting ‘Andy’s BBQ’. I was sorta’ impressed by the amount of effort they put in for a weekend bazaar type of selling. They brought their own BBQ grill set, grilling em’ beef and chicken patties away. Heck, they even had custom made doggie bags and serviettes.

A shredded spicy chicken patty burger, with a cuppa’ home made coleslaw, deep fried SWEET potato sticks and a chocolate cupcake… all for RM 9.90. Honestly speaking, everything tasted really delicious! Except the cupcake. Thumbs up for efforts and taste! On subsequent Sundays, I no longer see them tho’. Hmmm….

Super spicy nasi lemak ayam. Quite a huge serving alright. While the makcik was packing my nasi lemak, a chinese girl came over asking for a pack of meehoon and she asked for discount just because she ordered TWO packets. Sweats. I don’t think she would make much taking into consideration the rental, cost of ingredients, the amount of food she was selling on the table, and having two kids with her. Makcik was so generous that she really did give discount, and since I was standing there as well, she also gave me a RM 0.50 discount too, thus my nasi lemak cost RM 4.50. Cheap!

D’lite Kopitiam and “BadAss”@Ampang Park

Once a while, we would walk across Intermark to Ampang Park for lunch. BTW, food in both areas suck. D’lite kopitiam in Ampang Park, however, serves quite good food, but very good coffee (which is a strong motivation) but due to the limited space in the shop, patrons constantly need to rush their meals as others waiting will stare cock at you and make you uncomfortable. It is almost always packed at lunch time which is one deterrence for us as we usually eat in a group of at least 5 or more.

Those who are working nearby, do give a shot on their assam laksa and curry laksa. Not too bad for the price you pay (RM 6.90) but the coffee is good! RM 3.20 (a little pricey)

This RR’s car plate caught my attention. Bad Ass. Behind this RR, parked 2 more RRs. I managed to take note of the stickers on the car.

Apparently these are government owned cars. Few fiery thoughts came in my mind:

a) Do government servants need such lavish expensive cars to carry out their daily duties? No. Public money can be spend on MANY MORE useful things! Grr!
b) Government cars with such car plates. Setting “good” example eh?
c) Road tax was renewed until 2016. More public money wasted. I’m quite sure this car will be traded in for even more lavish cars in due time.

Bloody shyt!