Famous laksa@Kopitiam next to KPJ Kuching Hospital

Dove acquistare il cialis? My ex-colleague’s mama runs this kopitiam where the town’s famous laksa stall is located at.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-50-mg-miglior-prezzo-pagamento-online-a-Firenze I wanted to go say Hi to her mama but that particular morning, she wasn’t at the drinks counter.

follow link Almost 80% of patrons were seen eating the laksa. WHOAH. Ani hojiak?

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-50-mg-online-generico-a-Bologna The higher the price you pay, the larger your prawns become.

http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=how-to-buy-viagra-pills-online I ordered the smallest bowl, RM 5.50.

fertility drug like clomid calculator The noodles are slightly different from the conventional beehoon. Somewhat thicker and harder.

The soup was power-packed with prawny taste and rather viscous too. Seemed like the effect of boiling the soup with good quality ingredients over a long period.

Thumbs up to this laksa I must say, but I feel Penang’s laksa (the one located behind Royal hotel) puts up a pretty good fight to this one, but that stall owner is always unpleasant…

Downside of having this early in the morning….. killer prawn breath whole day long. *burps*

Early morning breakfast@Tony Fernandez’s red wings

Jet setter week.

A day’s work in Penang.

Now off to Kuching for another 3 days’ work.

7 am flights really stones you out.

Lucky for some breakfast meals to keep the momentum going on.

Fried rice with chicken satay combo, rm12. I was rather disappointed with it as I recalled having it once on my flight to Seoul and boy oh boy it was yummylicious.

But this one proved its QC might need a little improvement. You can tell from the colour of the food that it is a let down.

My health conscious friend on the other hand chose the angmoh breakfast, cold cut chicken sandwich, which was surprisingly quite good. They were not stingy with the chicken fillings, BIG PHEW. The bread was a little dry but not a big matter.

Looking forward for a fruitful working trip and foodieventure too!