WanTan lunch@Pontian Noodle House, SS2

see url On most lunch break days, we are always faced with the biggest question and the biggest headache…. where to go and what to eat?

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-prezzo-a-Venezia Many times when reach the barricades at the office building exit, we ask each other in the car,”turn right or left?”

cialis generico ultrafarma Today, we drove aimlessly and ended up in SS2.  After circling few rounds around SS2, we finally found an empty carpark lot and the foodies near us were…McDs (yawns) or Pelita (yawns).

levitra generico Veneto Then we saw this enlarged but faded sign which says ‘”Pontian noodles”. First thoughts that came in our minds were,” where is Pontian?  Famous for wan tan noodles meh?”

go site Out of curiosity (and laziness) we decided to give it a try.

get link The restaurant was decorated with pastel colours, and cartoon graffitis on the wall. Felt like we were entering a kindergarden. How is this relevant to the concept of wantan noodles? Our doubts on the food came instantly.

go site Surprisingly,  the wantan noodles weren’t that bad. Per bowl was RM 5.80. Although the charsiews were of low quality, the noodles and spicy sauce compensated for it. Wantans were also average.

comprare vardenafil online consegna rapida I ordered the jelly lime juice which came in a funky cup. But I must admit, this drink sure helped cool the body down from the scorching heat outside. RM 2.80.

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/ All in all the meals cost me less than RM 10. Hey, for the comfort of having air-conditioning and your clothes not stinking like after a meal in a kopitiam, and averagely tasty food… it is rather worth every penny!

To come back here again however…hmmmm..probably if we faced similar situations like now…

Chickylicious meal@Ayam Bakar

The ‘ayam bakar’ or grilled chicken was a halal version of charsiew pork. Nicely caramelized and chargrilled to perfection. Two thumbs up!

The fried chicken was also another halal version of fried pork knuckles. I believe they have a really large and deep pot of hot frying oil to have fried the drumstick so evenly: crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Ooohlala!

The fried squid slices however was rather disappointing. When served, they were already kinda cold. As if fried in a big batch much earlier on and placed on one side. I guess the tip is not to order another genre of food eg seafood when the restaurant says ‘Chicken’.

The final dish, desserts! This I gotta say was really interesting. My first time having banana fritters coated with melted cheese inside and sprinkled cheese toppings. Though I found it rather strange to have fritters for dinner, but for testing new food’s sake..oh well!

It was pretty yummy as they used really good sweet nicely ripened bananas. And yeah, it actually went rather well with the savoury cheese taste. Who would have known?

But.. oh my. One fritter was enough. Sinfulness score hits the roof.

Id definitely come back here again!