First mamak supper meal in years@Kayu, SS2

gold viagra ingredients drug It has been years! Since I have mamak supper (long gone college days). After a tiring week had passed, a massage treat in ss2 was very much needed to recuperate the exhaustion. After the massage, the tummy got disobedient and starting calling out for food…. at 11.30 pm. Oh man….

click Kayu …here we go!

follow site As expected, the restaurant was packed with college kids in skimpy clothings, old folks in t shirts and shorts, kids in pyjamas, men in sarongs etc. What a cozy feeling! They have upgraded the place, much cleaner with better air-conditioning and multiple big screen TVs to make your eyes go kaleidoscope!

Food was still good. The famous maggi mee goreng did not disappoint with the wok hei locked in and the roti telur was freshly made too. Having them at 12 am made me think of my college days…. ahhh…good times.

By 1230 I was done with my meal and yawning greatly. Guess my stay-up-late stamina has spiraled downhill. 

Nostalgic mamak supper moment! And I dont know when will be my next…

Fortnightly affair with the ladies@Village Park

I might be a bad influence to the ladies.. as I noticed it was always me who suggests to eat VP’s nasi lemak for lunch.

During the moment of savouring the crunchy fried chicken, sweet and spicy sambal, fragrant coconut flavoured rice (we even added extra servings of lady fingers fried with onions and dried shrimps and ‘kerak’, the leftover fried bits of the fried chicken)…. we were very, very happy people.

However the drive back after the meal was horrifying. Complaints of feeling stuffed, sleepy, fat just kept pouring out. The evil after effects of VP’s nasi lemak.

It’s evil but we can’t help ourelves eating it over and over again.

Oh no… the craving is coming again!