Hello ANA, APA & yakitoris@Ginza Torigin

The long awaited time came. For a week of culinary adventure! Haven’t really gone on a proper holiday last year, I kicked started it with the land of the rising sun 🙂

My first time taking ANA airlines. Seats were somewhat small but thankfully, front seats were available for extra leg room space. Food wise was kinda normal, but way better than MH.. cold noodles was rather delicious. The stewardesses were very attentive to the passengers, and most importantly, the toilets are amazingly clean! 

Too excited to sleep. 6.5 hours. 3 movies. Wide awake. What to eat when I land?

Arriving just a little too late for the direct train to Higashi-Nihombashi, we had to settle for the next best thing, the train with multiple stops. Gotta say, first time sitting in a train with such open adverts. Haha. Train ride: 1100 yen/pax.

Looks normal eh, but it was one friggin delicious sandwich. Think it’s due to the fluffy white bread, mustard mayo mix spread.

This country has a high growth of aging population. So many elderly people were seen in the packed train. I gave up my seat for an obacha, and I was kinda surprised at how thankful she and her obacha friend was. She even gave me a pack of biscuits as an expression of thanks, haha. Well, I was touched too..Never had someone thank so much for giving up my seat. Give thanks for the little things, Father says.

After checking into APA hotel (room was so small, I felt I had to do acrobatics and revive my younger ballet days skills to move around), first stop: yakitori!

Trying to lock in as many places in Tokyo, Ginza was first up. And after doing research for food reviews in the past week, Torigin is first in the list.

It was rather hard to find, especially in a country where there is limited English available for directions. Having roaming internet is a must, and Google maps come in real handy. After a good 15 minutes going around, Torigin was finally found, hidden in a tiny alley, and a stairway that leads to the restaurant at the basement.

The place was packed with people, mainly locals, and also smoke : both from the yakitori and cigarettes. Hey, there were Bangladeshi workers where too which could speak English well. 

We sat by the bar, and watched the masters grilling the yakitoris over the hot burning charcoal grill. One chef’s face and hands were red all the time,  the heat must have been intense, standing over them for hours, everyday, every week. Respect!

They had the 14 yakitori sticks set, and not knowing which was the best choice, we let the chefs chose the 14 sticks. 

Display was eye catching. And they were not overly seasoned, or heavy on the marination sauce, just nice. One of the yakitoris was a kushidama egg stick and the description in English, was, online viagra see url egg before the shell was formed. Okay, don’t know how that was done and there is little information about this online too. 

My ultimate fav was the chicken wings. About the juiciest wings I’ve ever eaten, ever! Something about their chicken meat here that tasted really good, and strangely healthy, as if the chickens were feared properly.

Total damage: 3200 yen.
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ginza-Torigin/184516194955126

Website: htttp://www.torigin-ginza.co.jp/eng

Opening hours: daily, 11.30 am – 10.00 pm

Tel: 03-3571 3333

Finally, in bed. At 9pm local time, which is 8pm back home. Haha. I’m usually still at work at 8pm. Anyway, exhausted from the long hours travel on plane, train and gonna take it easy tomorrow and just foodventura around the city. 

Good night peeps, gonna flip channels over Calbee pizza, and sour cream & onions.

Bouncing fish balls (no joke!)@Lucky Restaurant, Ipoh

We were all on a binge overdrive. Immediately after Xin Quan Fang’s porky loading session, we drove over to Lucky to reminisce our adoration towards their fish balls. It was about 11am and the place already had a few patrons around. I would say we got the first fish ball batch for the day!

Unfortunately I could not upload the slow-mo video of my fish ball bouncing on my bowl after free falling a ruler’s height up. They were seriously bouncy! ChowSingChi God of Cookery style.

The wantans were really fresh as well. Most importantly, they tasted home cooked. And they gave you an entire prawn inside the wantans. Hotel quality material in a laid back setting. Yummy!

Fried mantis prawns. At 11am. After porky curry noodles overload. Says alot about how mad we were towards foodieventuring! Lucky has always lived up to the standards, serving delicious and fresh seafood dishes. They were crunchy, on the outside batter but fresh and sweet prawn meat hidden inside the golden wrappers.

Lucky restaurant checked! Next stop, tau foo far! Ok we are still “having breakfast” at this moment, and hey it’s only 11.30am 🙂


Lucky Restaurant,

266, Jalan Pasir Puteh,

31650 Ipoh, Perak.

Opening hours : 7.30 am – 3.30pm daily (except Wednesday, they are closed)