Thank you Joysie and Princess G for spreading the joy of Foodventuras

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source site Mother of 2 Princess G, who does cooks up a storm in the kitchen, especially traditional indian dishes.

go to site Joysie, ENT specialist in the making, she is someone you want to be around with in the mornings, a sifu coffee maker.

acquisto viagra generico europa This post is to thank you both for spreading the word of Foodventuras!  Cheers! Over sangria at langkawi with you ladies. foodventuras

Unexpected wine pairing@Westin Resort Hotel & Spa, Langkawi

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see The long awaited trip finally arrived. The all-girls trip planned eons ago came into fruition. We camped at Westin, and my bestie JJ was hoping to strike homerun with a mat salleh during our time here. Unfortunately, Westin turned out to be a holiday destination for Arabs newly weds. No dudes, we can always rely on our happy buddies, alcohol! At a huge discounted price too!


A bottle of Hardys pinot, tres glas, tres sexina feminas lying on the couchas. Chillaxing. Newly wed arab couples watching. Youtubing korean pop. Chatting. Stoning. Enjoying the warm breeze. Killing ants crawling up our seats. Selfy-ing.

Awesome bonding time 🙂


Except! The unexpectedly lousy grilled squid sticks we bought from the store. I remembered those greasy round goodies used to be much bigger and thicker. These ones came in the size of a penny and they tasted like plastic. Peugh! We couldn’t eat more than 2 sticks and left the rest aside. Scarily, ants from the beach came to them and eventually took over our job to finish off the squid slices.

Ok, squid aside. The wine was actually rather good but it needed to be left aside to breathe for at least a good 30 mins before its pinot character surfaced. was only RM28. Who cares !?

2 more days of alcohol waterfall!