Burnt soy ramen@Goygo, Kyoto

go site We stumbled upon Gogyo during a stroll at Nishiki market. The top foodie choice in Kyoto voted by Tripadvisor. I was in luck! The heavy rain shoo-ed away hungry patrons. Apparently the queue is usually long on normal days.

We immediately got a nice spot to sit by the window facing an inner garden. It is also useful to know that the waiters speak a little bit of basic english.

We dashed right into ordering Gogyo’s trademark ramen. Cooked with burnt soy gravy.

Honest opinion, looking at it at first glance..the ramen did look rather unappetizing because of its black soup colour.

Taste wise took some getting used too as well. The burnt taste was rather pungent, the first few scoops really hit right to your cerebral. But after awhile, it morphed into deliciousness! This style of ramen cooking is definitely a first for me. Ill never find it in Malaysia.

The gyoza however… no words could describe how amazingly yummy it was. The size of each gyoza was actually small…about  3-4cm length. It may not look special in the picture, but it was definitely super duper special.

The skin was so soft it melted in your mouth the moment you put it in. The minced meat was super fine and tender that they melted along with the outer skin. Sniffs. It almost made me shed a tear eating it.

What else can you ask for? Seeing that your ramens are being cooked by dashing looking young japanese men all sweaty and spinning away the wok and pan behind the hot stove. 🙂

Best tonkatsu ever@Katsukura, Cube restaurants, Isetan Kyoto

This restaurant was highly recommended both in Tripadvisor and food blogs. On our final night in this beautiful city, the gang did their final shopping at Isetan.
While the rest did their shopping, myself and another colleague hurried to look for a place to dine. I was thrilled to bump into Katsukura here but a little less thrilled when I saw the long queue outside. The agony of waiting for an hour before my turn came was all worth it.
The tonkatsu was. the best I ever ate. We were told to grind our own sesame seeds with a wooden pastel and mortar, before pouring in the sauces.
The pork cutlets were lean, juicy, tender and you could see that not a single layer of batter was seen. It was all porky goodes and thinly coated bread crumbs fried to perfection. Each bite was unforgettable.
The set came with a prawn as well..and a gigantic one too! The length was easily 12 – 15 cm. In fact, by having the prawn alone was already filling.
Unforgettable experience… I have no other words to describe this. Each set cost about 1700 yen.
Crap..my standard for a good tonkatsu has leveled up. I have yet to try one this good in klang valley.Oh no…….