Fancy schmancy breakkie meal@Rusty Bean + Batter, Kuching image Located just next to Citadines Uplands Kuching, a newly opened service suites (pretty good for value too, 1 night for less than RM200), stations a chic, hip, trendy, cool looking cafe known as Rusty Bean + Batter. The cafe has been operational for some months now, and fast in gaining popularity amongst local Kuching-ites. I had the opportunity to try out this place for a fancy schmancy breakkie since it is just next to where I stayed. Gotta say, the cafe’s got some funky looking seating decors. Each section, is uniquely designed.

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go How about a jeans couch potato day? Slouching on some old Levi’s how about that?

acquistare viagra online generico a Verona image Or you’d rather be serious and cool, enjoying your meals and cuppas on metal pipes and wooden table tops?

click I went ahead with boring and conventional, normal wooden tables and chairs. Haha.

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what other drugs work like clomid This place is famous for their waffles and coffee. Well, coffee was alright. I went with my usual, long black. A little sour and bitter, but twas bearable. Good enough caffeine to kick my butt up to full alert!

The waffles, in two joint square pieces, topped with vanilla ice cream, was about RM10 over bucks. Quite good I must say, crunchy on the outside and still keeping the fluffness on the inside. They must have used fairly decent quality butter as it had a really fragrant buttery aroma, and it didn’t smell artificial or cheap, like the 3.50 dollar waffles you buy at the random kiosks.


The big breakkie was about RM25, and the portion was really big for one. Definitely worth sharing among two persons, so you can have some tummy space for waffles!

All in all, not the best big breakfast i had ever tasted, nonetheless was decent enough in term so portion and presentation for that kinda price. The mushrooms and eggs were a little too salty and oily, but I am used to very salty food hence it didn’t bother me that much.

I definitely won’t mind coming back here to chill over a plate of ice cream topped waffles, but for mains, perhaps there may be better ones which I will try out next time!

Pricing wise, in Klang Valley I guess it would be deemed decent, for such environment. But for Kuching, I’m not sure about the locals, if it was me, it is surely considered as a little premium if it is a weekly hangout spot.

Anyway, being in this foodie haven land, it’d still prefer the hawker food here in Kuching.


Like the Swee Kang ABC! Yummylicious and my must-have whenever I am in Kuching. One of my favourite ABCs ever! Man, I’m surely craving one now! And it only cost a couple o’ dollars, no more than RM5. If I lose my self-control, I’ll end up slurping 2-3 bowls. Control, FV, control!

Rusty Bean + Batter,
Jalan Simpang Tiga | ST3, 
Kuching 93350,
FB page:
Tel: +60196338866
Opening hours: 10 am – 11pm.

Swee Kang Ice Kacang 176, Jalan Haji Taha, Kampung Bandarshah, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Yummylicious East Malaysian delight@Semenanjung! Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


We had a business meeting here for several days, and it was so mental draining, nerve wrecking, physically tiring…my eye bags had never been any darker.

One good thing to look forward to in the midst of the craziness….the Sarawak laksa! It was strange, but an amazing local delicacy can also be found in a major hotel, Aloft!

Book cafe serves one of the best Sarawak laksas I ever had. The noodles, of course weren’t like the local noodles we get in Kuching, but the soup…gosh, yummylicious, spicylicious, one spoonful, there is no stopping!


So much so, I had it at every meal. (Guilty as charged!) Adding in some tenderlicious beef stew, and spicylicious sambal…I went back for the second bowl, with just fish cakes, prawns and souping every drop up!