BBQ Pork at the newly opened Korean restaurant@Nearby Oryu-Dong, Seoul

 The temperature was nearly 10 degrees on that evening, and we’d thought having BBQ for dinner would be a great idea. We stumbled upon this newly opened restaurant behind one of the tiny alleys, almost un-noticed if one walked past by quickly. In spirit of supporting the new owner who was smiling widely, ushering us we’d decided to dine there.


brand viagra prescription  Pork belly DIY style. Cut as big or as small a slice as you want. Gigantic scissors again!

Well marinated spicy beef, waiting to be snipped off by that black gigantic scissors.

We didn’t mind having the pork slices sizzling in front of us. The cold weather masked the smokey heat. I loved the beef, juicy tender and flavourful. The pork belly was too fatty for me, but the rest enjoyed them like fingerlickinggood, especially after dipping the meat into this spicy chilli soy sauce mixture that the owner gave us.
It was from this meal that I learnt to say the delicious word, in Korean. “Mashita!” or “Mashuseyo!” The lady owner was so happy to serve us, I guess we were their first non-Korean patrons. A few locals were also dining there, and I noticed they were observing us, trying to figure out where did we come from since we were speaking in English, mix Hokkien, mix Mandarin, mix a Malay word or two.
While the meat grilled themselves to charcoal perfection, we gambei-ed over Macguli for being here to receive spiritual blessings and the physical blessings that we were about to receive too, from the hot grill.
One of the most memorable meals I had in Korea.

Dakgalbi@Myung Dong, Seoul

go to link  Myung Dong, is widely known for its amazing fun felt shopping district. Girls swipe their credit cards here like all hell breaks loose, especially the facial stores. I myself fell into the trap of SkinFood craze. Boys, happily “wash their eyes” (observe with lust/passion in our local Malay language) standing along the roads watching pretty girls pass by.

comprare viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Verona Even shoppers need to eat after a long day of spending money.

cialis generico wikipedia We popped by this interesting looking shop, packed with locals.

go to link  A HUGE frying pan was found on the middle of the dining table. We ordered 4 portions of Dakgalbi, seasoned pork with veges (We were not allowed to order anything less than 4 pax). Then, we were given a plastic napkin to tie around our necks, like the baby’s bib, except its for gigantic babies like us. The interesting part was that.. we fried them on our own, at our own leisure and style.  Cheers to all of us! With icey cold soju!

acquisto cialis on line forum  Fry fry fry fry ! How about that? Pay for a meal where you need to cook on your own. Interesting… nevertheless, it tasted really, really good. The meat was extremely spicy. With the meat freshly cooked from the giant pan in front of us plus the spicyness of the marinate, our lips swelled up, plump red, like botox gone wrong.  After the meal, we walked around, getting lost in between those tiny lanes
I came across this little corner seafood cafe. My first time seeing so many living squids swimming around. Although I could not capture their lluminating colours as they moved from the camera, in real life, they looked like moving glitters. Really different than how we see them when they’re dead / cooked.

Spring time in Seoul. Beautiful flowers blossoming inside the church grounds. These colourful palette decorated the entire hill, almost like the rainbow made a trip down to earth.