Red Mango@Myung Dong, Seoul

This gem is hidden in the 3rd floor of one of the shoplots in the busy and packed Myung Dong shopping district. We took almost 30 minutes hunting for this shop, trying our best to spot a possible signage that says “Red Mango” but it was terribly difficult. Almost every shop kiasu-ly protrude out a shop signage to compete visibility with the others. Many were brightly coloured neon lights, and that made the search worse. We asked a few locals too, however language barrier made it challenging for us to explain to them that we were looking for a famous ice cream shop (amongst plenty of ice cream parlors found here).

But finally… WE FOUND IT! It didn’t have an obvious signage, and the shop co-shares with a chocolate parlor too. The environment was really cozy, with wooden furniture designs, lights dimly lited and peculiar quirky looking lanterns dangling from the ceiling wall. Each chair had a cushioned pillow to immediately get you comfortable. What I loved most was that they had pretty squarish clothed boxes by each table, for shoppes/ladies with big handbags to put them in, rather than taking up space on the table or having to hang them behind your chairs.

 Good stuff don’t come cheap. Like how Moo Cow and Tutti Frutti are charged, each swirl cost around RM4. The scoops above with 2 toppings given, almond slices and sugar coated walnuts cost nearly RM20. However, handsdown.. they were by far the best yoghurt ice cream that I’ve ever tasted. Moo Cow and Tutti are nothing compared to that. It melts in your mouth, creamy and sweet, but gives a slight sour bitter taste at the end palate. My Singaporean friend who was there with me told me that there is a franchise opened in one of the malls in Orchard, however those sold there tasted different from those served here. People suspect that it was due to the difference in the milk and the yeast content (Stringent food QC to enter into Singapore).

 The other 4 swirls had fruit toppints, strawberries and blueberries. The yoghurt ice cream was blueberry flavoured too. Quite nice as well, but the original flavoured ones are the best in my opinion.

I haven’t seen this in a long, long while. Found this hanging outside one of the dining places in the church area. Insect trapper plant.. coolio!

Dakgalbi@Myung Dong, Seoul

 Myung Dong, is widely known for its amazing fun felt shopping district. Girls swipe their credit cards here like all hell breaks loose, especially the facial stores. I myself fell into the trap of SkinFood craze. Boys, happily “wash their eyes” (observe with lust/passion in our local Malay language) standing along the roads watching pretty girls pass by.

Even shoppers need to eat after a long day of spending money.

We popped by this interesting looking shop, packed with locals.

 A HUGE frying pan was found on the middle of the dining table. We ordered 4 portions of Dakgalbi, seasoned pork with veges (We were not allowed to order anything less than 4 pax). Then, we were given a plastic napkin to tie around our necks, like the baby’s bib, except its for gigantic babies like us. The interesting part was that.. we fried them on our own, at our own leisure and style.

 Cheers to all of us! With icey cold soju!

 Fry fry fry fry ! How about that? Pay for a meal where you need to cook on your own. Interesting… nevertheless, it tasted really, really good. The meat was extremely spicy. With the meat freshly cooked from the giant pan in front of us plus the spicyness of the marinate, our lips swelled up, plump red, like botox gone wrong.

 After the meal, we walked around, getting lost in between those tiny lanes
I came across this little corner seafood cafe. My first time seeing so many living squids swimming around. Although I could not capture their lluminating colours as they moved from the camera, in real life, they looked like moving glitters. Really different than how we see them when they’re dead / cooked.

Spring time in Seoul. Beautiful flowers blossoming inside the church grounds. These colourful palette decorated the entire hill, almost like the rainbow made a trip down to earth.