New Hollywood Restaurant@Ipoh

acquisto viagra generico a Parma Demona: This is one of the famous landmarks for breakfast in Ipoh, since many years back. This place looks like any other chinese kopitiams, but it is actually a halal place. No pork is served here. Hence, you see a mixture of racial crowds happily eating here. Chinese, Indians, Malays, Mat Sallehs. You can get Char Kuey Teow, Laksa, Curry Mee, Loh Baks, Wan Tan Mee, or any food you normally see in a purely chinese kopitiam here.

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go site Demona: I ordered a cup of hot coffee and toast bread with kaya and butter spread. The toast was crunchy and its kaya and butter was nicely coated! The best toast still went to Sin Loong Yong though. The coffee was delicious! Very “KAU” but not too sweet!

vardenafil senza ricetta Torino Demona: One of my bosses, who is a malay ordered the “Loh Bak”. It is basically a mixture of deep fried fishcake, fishballs, meatballs, tofu etc. They tasted really home made, with very strong fishy and meaty aroma and taste. YUMMY!

Demona: This was another plate of fried tofu. Excellent tofu! The inner texture was extremely smooth, with a crunchy deep fried skin layer on the outside.

Demona: This was the sauce given to dip with the “Loh Bak”s. A delicious complement to them!

Verdict: Homely place for a hearty breakfast meal. This is one of the places that gave me the feeling of “Malaysians as One”, no racial segregation, no judgmental stares. Cheap place for great foodie too!

Pandi@Seksyen 11, PJ

Pandi has always been our frequent hangout for lunch in KL. Besides being near our pad, the main draw has always been it’s heartwarming, good value, consistent indian food . These guys has several branches in KL, probably we should do a parallel tasting of each branch soon!fFried Bitter Gourd@RM1 per plate: What more could you ask from this chewy fragrant bitter gourd that was fried to perfection. It is in a style different from Raju’s, which was fried with the seeds and crunchier. Pandi’s bitter gourd is more moist chewy and a heavier fragrance of indian leaves. It is perfect with a mug of ice cold beer!
Fried Eggplant@rm1: Again, another RM1 winner here which was chewy and crunchy at the same time. The fried batter provided the crunch while the sliced, semi dry eggplant gave it a chewy texture. Marvellous! This is what cheap good food is all about!
Homemade Potato Chip@FOC: Demona used her charm and gotten this plate of potato chips free! Thinly sliced and fried till extra crispy, this is definitely in a different style from your Ruffles or Pringle Crisp. Lightly salted and ultra crispy, this is darn good! I wonder how would the market respond to vacuum packed Indian potato chips? Just pack them in a fancy packaging and priced it at half of Ruffles price ( RM11) and you might just hit the jackpot!

PS:I suspect sweet potato might be used in this chips. Anyone care to verify?

Fried Fish Roe@RM4: This was my first time having this. There is no fishy smell here, but it was also lacking in any flavour/taste to really captivate me. The fish roe is basically just a so-so dish but i am always attracted to eggs in all form! On a second note, the chutney of Pandi paled in comparison with Raju’s. It did not have the minty, pronounced fragrance of Raju’s chutney.

Egg Thosai: A good reliable egg thosai. SImple and pleasurable.
Plain Roti Canai: Lacking in structure and body. I would prefer it to be chewier! The chicken gravy was excellent though, with a good dosage of spices and thick real chicken stock… slurp!

Fried Chicken@RM4: An average fried chicken today which lacks a little in the fiery spice department and a tad dry in the inner meat.

The total bill is 13.10 for 2 of us which was a ultra goood value lunch. Only after we left we realized that they did not charge us for the 2 plates of fried bitter gourd and eggplant. If you are reading this Mr pandi, thank you very much. We shall return to you soon!