Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea

http://thefoolishobsession.com/page/7/ Empty Street. Messy sideways and weird late owls.
It is 4.30am at Puduraya and Dogma has just arrived from Singapore..
Waiting… and waiting for Demona to pick him up..

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=levitra-originale-20-mg-online-in-italia Waiting… and waiting..

quanto costa vardenafil generico 2017 6.55am…Demona arrived and off we go for a tummies growling search for FOOD!

clomid fertility drug reviews Demona brought me to the the Imbi Market for a old school Hainanese breakfast…
The shop was really “vintage” with smoked up walls and ceilings and rows of old Sharp toaster lining by the wall, churning out the good ol’ toast made from traditional Indian bread.

I was pleasantly surprised there is already a healthy crowd at this wee hour of 7am on a Saturday morning… in KL…
Iced Coffee: Whao… very fragrant local coffee. A thick coffee aroma fills up the air. The coffee is strong without being excessively sweet. I like it very much..!!! It really beats those Old town coffee/starbucks/yakun/coffee beans hands down..
River of spilled coffee..

Golden Kaya Butter Toast: Check out the major slab of butter in between the beautifully toasted golden bread. The kaya was thick with intense nose of caramel sweetness. MMM MMM MMMM!!!

This is definitely old school breakfast joint! Family crowd, smelly air, noisy atmosphere. Brother Ah Weng even reserved some tables by placing a special VIP label or Tommy label on them. I’m not surprised why there are so many regulars at this joint. Fantastic coffee and great toast!

PS: Dogma had a bad tummy this morning and he went to the public loo to relieve himself. OK. the loo was really bad. The air was filled up with smell of dead chicken, blooody intestines from the nearby butcher/hawkers that you could hardly smell your own POOOP. However, nilch appetite was lost and Dogma continue to mop up the toast/coffee and many more meals that morning! Truly Malaysian 2008!