morning jalan-jalan breakfast@Abell Street, Kuching The original plan was to have breakfast at Chong Choon kopitiam but when we arrived, about 10.30 am, the waitress was already washing her pots and pans by the road side and told us that they were closing already.

click here It took us a whopping RM 33/ 20minutes with a cab from Four Points, Sheraton and my heart sank when we were denied entry to the kopitiam. I was also a little cheesed off that even the local cabbie ripped us off the cabfare as he diverted off route for a while claiming he was not familiar with where Chong Choon was. Aren’t we all brothers and sisters? Why rip off from another fellow sibling in nation?

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go to site What was even more alarming was that several kopitiams within this area were closed or closing down. I was beginning to worry I’d disappoint my friends for bringing them all the way here to have no food to eat.

dove acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Firenze Thankfully, one kopitiam behind this street was opened! We ordered this foochow mee, which looked quite similar to wantan noodles minus the dark soy sauce. The noodles were not that bad, although it was drizzled over with pork lard oil, it was still a little bland since us West Malaysians are used to a heavier and more dense flavours in our noodles. RM 5. image

acquistare vardenafil online sicuro Puglia The sarawak laksa was quite an acquired taste for our friend from Korea. He has a strong dislike towards the taste of coriander and his face cringed when he accidentally bit a piece of it. As the gravy was more fat and creamy that it’s sibling laksa from Penang, which was more towards the sour side, our Korean friend preferred this than the latter. RM 5. image

Local Kuching food, checked! And now for some local feel of “having a coffee break” like how Kuching-ites do.

Bing! Cafe is a popular, widely available franchise cafe in this territory. There was one branch strategically located in front of us. Hence we headed there next for a cuppa.

The lemon cheese cake was pretty darn good! Dense, slightly rough in texture, but worked well to add some feel and volume in the mouth. The cake wasn’t sweet too and it went easy on the tummy especially after foochow mee and sarawak laksa. RM 12.


I am a HUGE fan of carrot cake, regardless good or below average quality ones. Maybe it is the gritty texture, or the lovely cream cheese layer, or the psychological effect of it being a “healthier” cake than other choices.

Bing!’s carrot cake was AMAZING. Although the cake was for sharing, I shamefully finished a good 75% of it. Goodbye calories!


When this arrived at our table, I knew this would be a nicely done frapp. The rich, heavy, chocolatey taste was heavenly. And the ice was finely shaved too. No rough edgy bits when you sip it through the straw. Best part of all, the sweetness was just about right. Darn. This is one good frapp.


Done with food, the engine to start work now begins! Seminars both on Friday night and Saturday morning, were a success! Many came to hear the precious Word delivered and grace was abundantly received!



Our brothers and sisters worked hard at any job given, even at selling the History of Redemption Series books! indeed, we too received a lot of grace to be able to work for His redemptive will on earth. Amen!

Next stop: enroute KL!


Amazing noodles@Tuck Kee Restaurant, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh

One of the top foodie bloggers, Motormouth was the reason why I came here. He quoted that this place served the best “wa tan hor” and the photos made my tummy growled so bad I diverted to Ipoh for dinner on the way heading home.

The entire restaurant was full when I arrived. Thankfully, a family left soon after otherwise I’d probably need to wait for some time before I get a place to sit.


My first dish: blanched octopus! Soaked in hot water for several seconds and then taken out, drizzled over with garlic oil and soy sauce before serving. This dish reminded me so much of Korean cuisine. I never knew the locals here love eating octopus this way too.

The chilli sauce for dipping was fiery, gave a powerful “syok” kick when you dip the octopus bits in.

RM 10, worthy dish. 8.5/10


The herbal eggs are a dollar each. And they were yummylicious too! Do not be fooled by its regular average egg size. The yolk was quite rich and even eating half an egg, filled up a fairly big portion from your tummy. Pretty yums! 7/10.


Looks unattractive. Boring. Nothing much to say. But its taste is a 360degree otherwise. A perfect complement to the noodles!


The portion was for 1 pax and it was quite a generous one too! The eggy gravy later was super thick, suger eggy and full of savoury flavours! The wok hei was all infused into the dark brown strips of rice noodles, fried with skills! You can find strips of pork, fish cake etc. This verdict I would give 8.5/10! RM5.

Motormouth always speaks the truth with commendable foodie reviews. It was one of the BEST wa tan hors I ever had in my whole life. The other one was in Sin Loong Yong, in old town. Fried by a really elderly uncle on his working desk , the trishaw, behind this kopitiam.


This dish is known as Yu Kong Hor, literal translation that brings about the egg being the moonlight that surrounds the noodles. This is the trademark dish of Tuck Kee. After vigorously stirring the eggs and mixing them with the noodles, the after effects of the noodle was like AMAZING. Gluttony unleashed!

I would rate this 8.5/10 too. RM 6. Absolutely worth every dollar to try these two noodles out!


When one comes to Ipoh, almost always everyone will tell you that you must eat beansprouts in Ipoh because they are fatter, sweeter and juicier than normal beansprouts. This dish was average: 5/10. RM 3. Not as FSJ as I thought they would be.

Everything that taste and look better here eg: food, vegs, drinks, people etc are usually linked the fresh mountain water source with minerals.

One of the famous long standing “rumour has it” that is linked to the fresh water is the beauty of the local ladies in Ipoh. Coincidentally, the few ladies I know today who hail from Ipoh are eye turners!

Total damage: RM27. So friggin’ affordable for the quality and quantity I am getting from this dinner. With the same exact food and portion per food served in KL would have easily cost me twice as much.

I liked it so much that I came back again for supper two weeks later! Good job Tuck Kee!

No 61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +605-253 7513
Opens from 5pm onwards until late night (I was there at and they were still tons of people there)