Char siew oh so nicely caramelized@Chan Meng Kee, SS2

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miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 100 mg spedizione veloce a Milano Every now and then, when we are out for lunch in this area, we noticed the crazy crowd hovering Chan Meng Kee and reminded ourselves to give this shop a try the next time we are here at lunch break.  We never did for the many times we were in SS2…until today, when a light bulb flickered in my colleague’s mind and said “Eh why don’t we try that shop we saw with many people one?”

follow link Oh yeah! Let’s go! Honestly speaking, at this point, we didn’t really know what food they served. Foodieventuring time!

source url We were in luck to get a space and oh! It’s wan tan mee! image image

I ordered the charsiew wan tan mee as this was the noodles patrons ordered when I did my 360 scan around. It looked slurpingly delicious!


The noodles were…okay, average. Nothing very special, but the Char Siew. Wait, are those angels singing at the back of my ears? Ding dong! Yum factor off the roof! Nicely caramelized on the outside and the fat portions were nicely evened out with the meaty parts. The noodles come with 3 wantans…total damage, RM 6. Okay-lah a dollar more than average kopitiams but for the quality I am getting..worth every penny!

The charsiew was so good…that I came back, in 3 days. @_@

So after 3 days…..


when I did my 360 scan 3 days ago, the next thing that many ordered were the roast pork. Let’s put this to the test! The roast pork was actually quite good, roast chicken on the other hand was quite average..but if I had to rank them, the trophy goes to the charsiew.

Another good thing I noticed being there twice so far, the employees were generally nice. I was actually a little surprised over that fact knowing most popular and highly packed chinese eateries, you’d get grumpy employees with less patience, due to the heavy workload. But not here, they were all busy but still maintained a polite persona when comes to their customers. Kudos!

Now, am thinking to order the noodles for TLCC fellowship!

Chan Meng Kee,
32, Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor (same row as Lorong Seratus Tahun kopitiam. Facing the row of terrace houses)
Tel: 012-688 1972 (Mr. Chan)
Business Hours: Opens daily from 8.30am – 4pm except for Mondays


Wonderful dinner@Peach Garden kopitiam, Kuching

My colleague is such a darling, to escape her home cooked dinner meal just to take me out for a foodieventure experience at Peach Garden foodcourt. She told me this foodcourt is hardly known to tourists and only locals know how to get here. Wow, the foodie excitement was already building up!


First foodie stop: fried chicken wings!
Slightly spicy,  superbly crunchy and amazingly juicy. Each bite, you get a loud crunch, slight oil dripping out and then came the tender meaty part. This was one superbly well fried chicken!


Foodie stop 2: this thing was called “Char Kueh” or in english literal translation, fried…ok there is no proper english word for Kueh. It’s like the meaning of cake/dessert but local malaysian way of saying.

This by far is my top top favourite food for the night. You can get the chef to fry it sweet or spicy, or a mixture of both. Being the kia su one, I ordered the mixture of both. Women. Haha.


Full of wok hei! And thankfully it was not sickeningly sweet. And the chef added a lot of eggs too. Basically fried carrot cake like the ones in Penang, but not so much of dark soy sauce added, with hints of sweetness.

The proper way to eat it? Toothpicks! I had so much fun poking each piece out and munching them while chatting. Writing about this made me want to eat it now!


Foodie stop 3: kolo mee, this was unfortunately pretty average. I admit that the noodles were quite nice to just slurp em’ up like maggi noodles and you can’t go wrong with adding pork lard and oil into em’ noodles haha. The only downside was that most of the kolo mees here are usually added with coloured char siew slices, which are a no-no for me. I believe if the kolo mee is added with those nicely grilled and caramelized char siews, the entire experience of a kolo mee would totally change!


Apart from the special noodles and the dressings added to give a kick to the noodles, the minced meat and coloured charsiews complements were a thumbs for me.

On my next trip back to Kuching,  I would very much like to revisit Peach Garden…for the fried chicken and char kueh! And hopefully foodieventure the other foods here too!

Peach Garden kopitiam
Jalan Song, Tabuan Heights,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.