Bangsar La Bodega

A dinner at Bangsar’s La Bodega during Dogma’s birthday..
Food was ok but prices is on the high side. What made the day worst was Demona’s car being towed away after the dinner to Kepong Municipal Garage. We have to pay 150 bucks on top of the dinner (RM300). Where were you then?

Turkey breast Creamy Pasta

Salmon Loin Salad: The salmon was not the freshest of the whole lot but i did enjoyed the mashed potato beneath the salad. The potato soaked most of the gravy and it was heavenly.
Terrazas Malbec: Vaguely: Pretty strong tannins that subsided towards the end of the night. For the price i paid (rm 120), it is a rip off.

La Bodega Tiramisu:

Verdict: It is very expensive and not exactly a value for money place for dinner in KL. For the price i paid i would be expecting fresher produce and finer quality in food. However, the Spanish Tapas + western dinner concept clearly has hit it well with the local young professional crowd.

ps: Could anyone explain why are Western food and wine so expensive in KL?