Kueh tiau kia (rice noodles kid) ho laio@Ka Hoe Restaurant, Johor Bahru


This auntie was busy chopping away those porky deliciousness and almost everyone seated at Ka Hoe was ordering from her. My JB localite friend brought me here for lunch saying that this is a JB trademark dish. Found no where else in Malaysia except here. “Kueh Tiau Kia” literally translated to Rice Noodles Kid.

The smell of the herbalicious soup and pork covered the whole place. Gosh. Tummy growling wowling! Bonus point: the weather was extremely cloudy and windy. Perfect for something hot and soupy.


I didn’t expect it to look like this. First time seeing my kueh teow soup in brownish black soup rather than clear soup. The soup reminded me so much of Ba Kut Teh. This combination was surprisingly nice!


The kueh tiau kia is accompanied with some delicious sides: we ordered some tofus and herbal eggs. Added the feem even more towards home cooked BKT.


This….was the bomb yo! Sliced tender pork drizzled over with the BKT-like sauce and home made fried shallots and shallot oil. You just gotta brace it through. Brace through the guilt of consuming all the calories and cholesterol. The pungent aroma of the porkiness may be too much for some others, but with the herbal soup, the smell was covered slightly.

Best part of it all, when the owner came to collect the food’s money, he joked saying it cost “jee par khor” (hundred dollars). In actuality it was only RM10. For all that. YES, ALL THAT. My jaw was spiritually dropping, if only the guy could see lol. Gosh that was cheap for the amount of food we were served with!

Truly pleasant lunch experience indeed! Yummy good with a beautiful cool breezy weather. And hey, no holes burnt from my pocket yo!

Restoran Ka Hoe,
No. 24, Jalan Maju,
Taman Maju Jaya,
80400 Johor Bahru Town.