Octopus Sushi Bar & Thai@Ampang Point

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follow link Demona: My colleagues and I had lunch here, after an appointment with a customer. The restaurant was located in an open space, where by every dining table had a giant bright yellow umbrella hovering over it. The chef’s kitchen, in the middle of the revolving sushis conveyer belt was located next to the dining tables. Pretty much like the Sushi King, Sakae Sushi style.

Demona: This was the steamed egg tofu, with mushroom. It was quite smooth and savoury. Decent and sincere.

Demona: This was my colleague’s meal set. Grilled salmon with rice, miso soup, jello and coleslaw salad. The salmon was a little overgrilled, hence, the meat was a bit hard.

Demona: We shared a salmon meat, roe and avocado sushi appetizer set. Not too bad either.

Demona: My colleagued ordered a Thai salad. It was made up of cashew nuts, vegetables, spicy glass noodles, squids and “cabai burung” (What is the english term of this?) slices. I liked this dish a lot because of the extreme spiciness of the glass noodles, and crunchy cashew nuts to go along with them. The portion was too huge for one to finish. Definitely worth sharing this dish if you are there dining here with a group of people.

Demona: This was my set meal choice. Raw octopus, tuna and salmon slices with rice, jello, miso soup and steamed red beans. The meat slices were placed in a bowl filled with shredded ice. They were quite salty. So was their miso soup. Made me really thirsty after my meal.

Verdict: The set meals cost around RM20 to RM25. Where as, the salad, if I remembered correctly, was RM 9.50. I found the price being decent, for the meal portion that we had gotten. At least, we were all left rubbing our bloated tummies, smiling. The raw meat, of course, as expected were not the freshest of the lot, after all it was not a proper Japanese restaurant anyway. This eatery is basically a place for you to have a quick fix and tease of Jap food which would not burn a hole in your pocket, fast service and chilling out in a cozy environment.

Mizuki Wine Dinner

Buddy JT just sent me some picture for the Mizuki Wine Dinner last week.

Here are the brief write up on them

Dried FuGu with mayo fish roe: It was my first time trying the famed fugu, albeit the dried version. Chewy, bitey with sweetish note. Well it taste very very close to “bak-kwa” but probably cost a lot more. Did I enjoyed it? hmmmmmm .. probably not as great i thought it would be.

Fresh Japanese Ginko Nuts + fried lotus: This is interesting. The green ginko nuts was lightly coated in salt. Soft, refreshing, and warm.. it cleanses your palate after the sweet dried fugu. The fried lotus slices were fine too. Thinly sliced and well fried without an hint of oil.

Assorted Sashimi: some fishes, scallop, tuna, shrimp.. It was all fresh except mine was lacking of the tuna belly. πŸ™ The chef had overlook my plate i guess.

Wagyu beef sandwiched by Foie Gras: The highlight of the day. Juicy wagyu beef coated with the sweet fatty foie gras…. yum yum…