kuriya@ raffles place

http://it-farmacia.com/informazioni-su-viagra.html Need to find a good value afternoon tea set in town?
Look no further, do check out the Kuriya @ Raffles Place Basement. For 5.50per set, you could choose a dessert dish + a drink of your choice (coffee, tea, soba tea etc)

buy infertility drugs online clomid J and I had a simple tea before dinner with JA. Good value. Nice .
Soba Tea: Tasted like a massively burnt rice tea. I like the bitter toasty note..Too bad you could not have a refill on this else Demona would have seen me gulping down a whole 1 litres with no problem.
Excerpt on introduction of Soba Tea: Made from the buckwheat plant, it has a hearty and toasty flavor. Naturally high in protein, vitamins and minerals, soba tea is good for digestion and high blood pressure.

Whateveryoucallit One: I’d ordered this, basically just a scoop of ice cream with fresh fruits balls, jellies and some type of honey. Not great and elegant but refreshing.

Whateveryoucallit Two: J ordered this, more like a variation of the presentation of Whateveryoucallit One but with a green tea jelly with red bean paste. Not too bad.

Verdict: Overall, the tea set are screaming good value for money. It is only valid for 3-5pm, so do go down there when you are aroudn the area looking for some not so crowded yet affordable place to chill out.

Dinner Take Away@Tivoli

Demona: We had a cousin bonding day today. The 4 of us had a jalan-jalan session in KLCC. We bought some sushis home for dinner, from Isetan’s food and groceries department.

Demona: My cousin is a big fan of unagis, therefore she selected this. It was very yummy! They were sincere with the ingredients, as the teriyaki sauce coated unagis were very chunky and the rice was not too thick.

Demona: She bought an assorted pack of sushis as well. I took the roe sushi. Crunchy, slurpy, yummy!

Demona: My aunts bought a whole teriyaki chicken from Jusco. All of us enjoyed it very much as the chicken was not too dry nor too oily. We cooked some rice, and ate them with the sushis, the chicken and a bowl full of fresh lettuce leaves.

Verdict: I felt so healthy eating this.