Zen Japanese Restaurant@Sunway Pyramid

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go site Demona: My buddy and I were craving for some “wahh sahhh bhiiii” action, but we were stuck in Sunway Pyramid on an thunderously wet evening.

methylphenidate india pharmacy viagra Demona: Sushi King?
Both : *yawns*
Demona: Genki Sushi?
Both : *yawns*

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Demona: My buddy had tried the food here several times before, and she said it was comparable to the famous Japanese restaurants located opposite SJMC, Subang. Her comment got me excited already.

Demona: This came along with the sashimi tempura set, prawn tempura. I must say, this was quite disappointing. The fried batter layer was a little soft already, giving the impression that the prawnies were deep fried and left on their own for some time.

Demona: Do not be fooled by the vibrant colours and the upclose shot of the sashimi! The portion slices were in fact, quite small. The tuna and swordfish slices were the most miserable ones. They were not sincere at all with their portions, unlike the more generous Tomoe and Rakuzen, and the prices do not differ much either.

Demona: This was the best deal out of the dishes that we’d ordered. The unagi sushi roll. The sushi roll was GIGANTIC! Although the unagi given was probably half the portion of the ones that you can buy from hypermarts, but with the whole pile of rice which came along was enough to choke these two little tummies. The teriyaki sauce coating the unagi was quite thick, good enough to cover the petroleum-like taste of the unagi. This is quite a good deal, I would say.

Verdict: The total damage for our craving : RM 75. A tempura sashimi set, and one unagi roll, and oh yea… two cups of hot green tea. A little ex don’t you think! But *sigh* these are the average rates that you get in decent Japanese restaurants in Malaysia. SGD 75 equivalent? You can feed a fericiously hungry family of 4 already! And not to mention, good quality Japanese food, not Sushi King material.

Ichiban Sushi@Ang Mo Kio Hub

Demona: After I got some materials from my new office, I texted Dogma inviting him for lunch, and for the first time ever, I travelled to AMK without his prior guidance. I reached AMK early, so had a tour around the place on my own, like one of the locals here. It felt peculiar, I must say, walking around a shopping mall in a different country, on a working attire, during working hours. Something I need to start adjusting to… the smell of a new environment. Harcho!

Dogma arrived an hour later, and we decided to go raw and go “Ohio!” for lunch. Ichiban Sushi: location. Both of us haven’t had anything to eat for the day, and our tummies were pounding so hard, like Jimmy Chamberlain hitting his drums. Dogma did the ordering, while I prepared the source of nostril attacks, but also the key ingredient for Jap food greatness…. WASABI! Haik!

Demona: Teriyaki sauce grilled unagi with rice. The unagi slices were…so… small. Yawnnnnns. Rip off. The unagi was also average, not much difference from the ones that you get from the groceries outside.

Demona: Tempura set, inclusive of 2 slices of brinjals, ladies fingers, sweet potatoes, tiny prawns (the size were NO WHERE near the ones which we caught at our Bishan prawning trips). Average also, but at least they were freshly deep fried. They were still very hot, a sign that they just came right out of the deep fryer.

Demona: Initially, Dogma took a plate of sashimi from the conveyer belt, which cost SGD 5.50. Then, my eagle eyes (as well as greedy too) saw the sashimi set, with 4 varieties: salmon, tuna, swordfish, yellow tail, which cost SGD 14.50. Thus, using my rusty simple mathematical skills, 1 set = SGD 5.50, 4 sets = SGD 22, but this one cost SGD 14.50… this was definitely more worth it! On cash and on tummies too. πŸ™‚

The fishes were fresh, and we truly enjoyed them.

Demona: Check out the salmon slice goodness! Gosh… I’m having the urge to slurp up a slice now. Coat it nicely with a layer of wasabi… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

Demona: The soba noodles came along with the unagi rice. The noodles were quite alright, once dipped with the bowl of savoury sauce given to us. According to Dogma, a fine wine and dine, eat and sip expert, the noodles were average, but he had eaten much smoother, finer and tastier ones.

Demona: This was the duck meat sushi. The meat was quite tender, but the obvious layer of gooey fat did deter me from eating it intially, but this is a first try…so I pushed my phobia aside. If it was lean, I would have enjoyed it 10 times more. The small, thin slices of chilli (chilli padi: very, very spicy) was a wierd combination in my opinion. The addition of it, made the whole dish taste local.

Demona: We were actually quite full by the end of main meals, but I was craving for sugarsssssss.. I need… sweetness. Reluctantly, Dogma gave the green light for me to order the green tea ice ceam, with red beans and glutinous balls. He had a few spoonfuls of the ice cream and rest were eaten by me… me… me… me… BURPS.

Verdict: The bill came up to SGD 60. I am not sure if this was considered quite decently priced in Singapore, but I’m definitely sure that you can’t get a decent Jap meal of this portion for RM 60 here. Aih.. “garrrr ment sayssss… Ubah Cara Hidup!!!!!” ( Change our lifestyle)…

Plant our own wasabis? Rear our own salmons? Grill our own eels?