Pizza Pazza@Anchorpoint Demona: Dogma and I stopped by at Anchorpoint for dinner before heading over to IKEA for a walk. We weren’t very hungry so we decided to share a meal at the food court.

levitra originale 20 mg online prezzo più basso According to Dogma,the owner of this place used to run a widely known Italian restaurant called, Il Piccolo for several years earlier but was forced to close down due to the regional recession.

levitra originale 20 mg consegna veloce After a few more new business trials, he landed on Pizza Pazza, at Anchorpoint. Business picked up like forest fire, and soon enough, the blaze of crowd grew. There was a queue when we went there too. Most of the tables had at least one plate of meal from Pizza Pazza. The price of the meals were down right cheap too, ranging from SGD 5 to SGD 10, maybe 12. <a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}"

Demona: I chose the chicken chop spaghetti, priced at SGD 6.50. The portion was quite big for one. The pict above showed the spaghetti, yet to be stirred to mix them thoroughly with the sauce. I added cheese powder, some herbs and tabasco along as well.

Demona: We were terrible disappointed at the outcome of the meal. The spaghetti sauce was too little and diluted, thus it did not stick on to the spaghetti. They would have tasted much more bland if I did not add the herbs, cheese powder and tabasco. The boneless fried chicken strips were average (fried food never go too far wrong). The chicken meat was pretty fatty ( I could tell from its skin).

Verdict: We both agreed that Dogma definitely outshone the chef who prepared this meal any day. I would rather use the same amount of money for a satisfying meal at Botak Jones instead.

Oso@tanjong Pagar

just a few pictures we took during our dinner at OSO.
I enjoyed this restaurant alot. Fantastic service, hearty italian fine cuisine… Fabulous

BreadBasket: The foccasia was excellent. I believe we had ordered 2 servings of the focacia bread.

Carpaccio with Honey Melon: A gentle reminder to Demona that we had Carpaccio before.

Carpinetto wine: I vaguely remember this has having pleasant aroma of currant on the nose, but structured body with fine tannins that went well with our creamy dishes.

Cheese Platters: Interesting platter. I could not remember much of each of the cheese. The waiter was explaining the different honey/olive oil combination that we should try on different cheese. Educational!