Senso Ristorante@Club Street

acquistare levitra Basilicata M was nice to host a lunch at Senso where she is currently working at. This is my second time visiting the restaurant and again it lived up to its reputation as one of the finest Italian restaurant in Singapore.
acquistare viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Firenze FEGATO@SGD34: An entre of pan-fried duck liver coated in polenta flour with savoy cabbage confit and “amarena” cherries. OOOOO, i do enjoy the crispy polenta flour crust. The thin crispy batter was bursting with fragrant duck liver. I like it!
Ciuppino@SGD24: Spicy tomato based soup with fresh HALF LOBSTER. The sight of the fresh lobster made me DROOOOL and jump straight to the lobster meat! Juicy, sweet and succulent: the hallmark of a fresh lobster! The tomato soup was thick and slightly tangy and the servings of scallops/fish/dried Squid was generous. However, the chef was pretty liberal in the use of salt as well, making the soup overly salty. Generous and quality ingredients, but too salty.
Pappardelle@SGD28:This is definitely one of the best dish for the day. Freshly made pasta served in wild boar leg ragout marinated in red wine for 7 DAYS. Being a big wine fan, i definitely have to try this and it did not disappoint. The thickened boar meat ragout was immensely flavourful and oozes natural meat sweetness when you bite into it. The homemade pasta scored some big brownie points as well. The pasta was nicely textured and cooked till al dente. The widely cut pasta paired really well with the manly wild boar ragout. If they had sliced the pasta any thinner it would have been overwhelmed by the immense boar ragout.

Uovo@SGD24: SLURPPPYS…Chunky Parmesan cheese on top of the HUMONGOUS ravioli and a perfumed nose of light truffle butter. MMMMM The ravioli is stuffed with ricota cheese, spinach, egg yolk and served with truffles butter. As cheesy as it looks, each mouthful of the ravioli was light and fresh, probably due to the fresh spinach in stuffing. . I was pleasantly surprised when i work my way up to the middle of the raviolli, where the half cook egg yolk burst elegantly and spread around. The egg yolk added an extra dimension to the ravioli making it fuller, heavier. The ravioli is so big that you could easily share it and @SGD24, it is definitely a steal!

go here Manso@38: Just when you think we had enough of food, M ordered a Manly grilled beef tenderloin served with aged balsamico and foie gras sauce for us to share. It has been sometime since i had a good steak in Singapore, and Senso’s definitely ranks among the best so far, way above Lawry’s. The beef was grilled till perfection, pinkish in the middle and locking in heaps of heavenly natural juice. The chef sprinkled some sea salt on top of the beef and it really heightens the taste! The sea salt kinda like sharpen your taste bud when coming in contact with your tongue and you could taste more of the juicy beef. The beef was beautiful on its own with sea salt that we spare the aged balsamico and foie gras sauce. Oh, the pan fried mini potato with garlic was so good that I finished them all up as well. It was that good. STAR DISH for the day!
CIOCCOLATA@SGD16: This is definitely DEMONA’s favourite. Chocolate cake with inner dark chocolate lava served with home made lavender ice cream. You could there is a squarish piece of gold leaf on top of the chocolate cake. Some say eating pieces of gold leaf is good for health but I am still as fat and ugly after swallowing the whole gold leaf before M gotten her chance.
PANNACOTTA@SGD14: Eggless pannacotta with Madagascar Vanilla bourbon and raspberry coulis. WHAO, I like this! Unlike your typical soft wobbly pannacotta, Senso’s egg-ess version was sturdy and thick! Chewy Pannacotta, I like!!!!
Ruffino Aziano: Elegant nose of raspberry and floral with a medium body. Not overly complex but comes in good acidity. A perfect pairing with the heavy wild boar pappardelle and Ravioli. The acid could cut thru the heavy dishes and while giving a rounded mouth feel. Great job by the wine sommerlier, Najip

Verdict: A sumptuous lunch with M and I’m still burping the day after. The dishes were really impressive and the ingredients were topnotch. Praises must go to the waiters as well. Their services were simply flawless. Najip the in house wine sommelier was funny as well as immensely knowledgeable in wines. Trust him in choosing your wine. Expect nothing lesser at Senso. If you are thinking of having good food, excellent service and a good ambience, do give Senso a try. But remember, please book in advance!

Caffe Beviamo@Tanglin Mall

Demona: Dogma and I took a slow, lazy, chill out walk around Tanglin road/Orchard road, stepping into interesting little boutiques, hotels, and some malls, including Tanglin Mall. We stopped by Cafe Beviamo for tea.

Demona: We both shared a strawberry milkshake. SGD 4. It was extremely creamy! The waitress told us that they blended frozen strawberries to create the milkshake. Dogma happily finished most of it. I personally thought that the taste of the milk was overpowering the taste of strawberries and it would had been better if they eased on the amount of creamy milk.

Demona: We ordered a plate of toasted ciabatta bread, with blended chickpeas and olives. SGD 7.50. We were given a cup of butter each, it smelled extremely fragrant! You could just eat the bread plain with the butter itself!

Demona: The chickpea was very flavourful as the herbs and spices were blended together, leaving powerful fragrant smell. Somehow or rather, it tasted like blended murukus (HMMMMMM………..?) Anyhow, it was very, very yummy to eat along with the buttered toasted ciabatta bread. Dogma did a great job in the pict taking, yet again!

Verdict: Worthy try for a light brunch or tea. We shall definitely come back here again for the next try out!