Bonta Trinoro Wine Dinner

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Home made bread stuff with olive , feta cheese, pine nuts and wat not: The bread is nicely toasted, light and full of feta cheese and olive aroma. Once you bit into it, you could taste the refreshing crunch of the fresh pine nuts. I do enjoy this bread very much, together with their olive oil/basil? dip. Beef Carpaccio with wild Rucola and Aged Parmesan Cheese: This I did not remember much coz there is a small commotion on my table as a rich lady was screaming at the waiter. No picture taken either Home Made Veal Ravioli with Rosemary Sauce: Soft QQ ravioli stuffed with a rich beefy veal..You could taste the lite rosemary sauce and creamy stuffings… Excellent. This dish certainly lifted me out from the commotion mins ago…

Buy Clomid 50 mg Home made Pappardelle with duck ragout and Porcini Mushroom: EXCELLENT homemade pasta. Cooked al-dente with just the nice bite. Coated with wild duck ragout intermingled with the refreshing Porcini mushroom.. Yummmmm! The reddish al-fafa look alike added another dimension to this dish. It provided a crisp, citrusy twist to counteract with the heavy duck ragout sauce. EXCELLENT execution.

Grilled Kurobota Pork with Caramelized Black Yam and Wild Berry Sauce: Another fantastic effort from the chef. Kurobota black Pork with just the right amout of fats coated on top.. mmmmm.. The slightly dry caramelized black yam was an interesting contrast to the fatty pork. Mash them up with the wild berry sauce and you get wild berry scented fatty pork, supported by the yam structure…Voila!

Gorgonzola Dolce with pera salad, crushed walnut and chestnut honey: The very best gorgonzola cheese i’ve ever had. Creamy, silky texture with a harmonious yeasty nose. Wonderful. The chestnut honey was an interesting choice as it was much lighter than typical maple/bee honey.

Chocolate Mousse with caramelized banana, crunchy hazelnuts and bailey;s syrup: Light chocolate mousse was not that rich but refreshing. The highlight of the dish is definitely the bailey’s syrup. Rich bailey’s sauce (probably mixed with dark chocolate) gives a rich sensation to lift up your taste bud. Again the chef is playing with the art of contrast: Lite chocolate mousse and rich bailey syrup.

Ok, This is expensive @150 per pax for a 6 course dinner at Bonta River Valley. The wine today was interesting. I would definitely visit here next time with demona.