The Mysterious and Profound Providence of God, History of Redemption Series Seminar@Living Faith Methodist Church, Ipoh, 10th July 2015

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dove acquistare Viagra 25 mg online The History of Redemption Series Seminar will also be held in Ipoh for the 4th time! This year’s seminar will focus on the 4th book of the History of Redemption Series, authored by our beloved Rev. Abraham Park. It will be held at Living Faith Methodist Church, from 7.00 pm – 10.30 pm, 10th July, Friday.


The 4th book contains the second 14 generations of Jesus Christ’s genealogy, kings from Southern Judah. Reading the background of each king, from the united monarchy of Israel under King David, King Solomon and the split kingdoms of Southern Judah and Northern Israel was like watching an age old war, command and conquering scenes come alive. Like Game of Thrones, only difference was that these were all historical facts.

On top of that, Rev. Abraham Park accurately spelt out the time, years, co-regencies and year of kings’ ascension, showing again and again, that the bible is inerrant. He also revealed the God’s redemptive historical plan of each scene, person, time, era.

This book is really an eye opener to all Christians, that the Old Testament is not something irrelevant to us today, but it exists to show us the future and strengthen our faith.


If you are from Ipoh, or visiting on that day, do come and be greatly blessed by the spiritual awakening of His Word!


The same pastors, Rev. Phillip Lee and Rev. Andrew Pak, from Pyung Kang Cheil Church, will deliver the Word of God at the seminar.

We will also be volunteering at the seminar, to partake in His redemptive plan to shine His Light of the Word to our nation.

For more information and registration, please email Vivien at or call her at +60124559911.
You may also drop me a message here if you want to know more!

A “hmmmm…” feeling@Pasir Pinji Under The Tree Yong Tau, Ipoh


On the way back to Taiping, the sudden urge of foodieventuring in Ipoh made me do the 360 degree drift..eeeeeeeekkkkkk. *screeches*

Here I am, nicely parked right in front of Pasir Pinji YTF. It had been at least 2 years or so since I last came to this place. Much had changed, the most glaring one…the workers’ uniform! Looked pretty patriotic, and blue and yellow themed.

First stop: phak ping su! Koreans would call that. Red bean ice. To cool off the body from the humidity.


My jaw dropped when I took out my wallet. All of these…for only RM 12…??? I was expecting to pay RM 20 already.


Everyone who talks about this place will definitely recognize this! This white carrot-radish fried cake with the garlic chilli sauce. Kaboom!

I was a little excited to eat it..after all…it had been a good two years away from it. After my first bite ….”hmmmmm….”

The excitement tapered down a little. It was a little too oily and unlike before, where the white pieces are smaller and more compact, they were quite large this time and very porous in between. They were also not crunchy and crispy. The oomph factor was lost.


The plate of kueh teow with soy sauce was rather ordinary, with exception of Ipoh’s well renowned short, fat and juicy bean sprouts. Oh well, I expected them to be ordinary anyway, as the star dishes were the YTF, not the noodles. Only problem was that the stars were dimmer this time around….

Gosh, the motivation to return here in future seems a little less now. But that is just for this corner of Ipoh, tonssss of great food in many more corners of Ipoh!

Under the big tree Ipoh Yong Tau Foo,
652, Jalan King,
Pasir Pinji,
31650 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel : 0125245408 (Rico)
Opening Hours : 8.30am – 5.30pm