New Hollywood Restaurant@Ipoh Demona: This is one of the famous landmarks for breakfast in Ipoh, since many years back. This place looks like any other chinese kopitiams, but it is actually a halal place. No pork is served here. Hence, you see a mixture of racial crowds happily eating here. Chinese, Indians, Malays, Mat Sallehs. You can get Char Kuey Teow, Laksa, Curry Mee, Loh Baks, Wan Tan Mee, or any food you normally see in a purely chinese kopitiam here.

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dove comprare viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online a Milano Demona: I ordered a cup of hot coffee and toast bread with kaya and butter spread. The toast was crunchy and its kaya and butter was nicely coated! The best toast still went to Sin Loong Yong though. The coffee was delicious! Very “KAU” but not too sweet!

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miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Parma Demona: One of my bosses, who is a malay ordered the “Loh Bak”. It is basically a mixture of deep fried fishcake, fishballs, meatballs, tofu etc. They tasted really home made, with very strong fishy and meaty aroma and taste. YUMMY!


source Demona: This was another plate of fried tofu. Excellent tofu! The inner texture was extremely smooth, with a crunchy deep fried skin layer on the outside.

acquistare viagra generico 25 mg consegna rapida a Torino Demona: This was the sauce given to dip with the “Loh Bak”s. A delicious complement to them! Verdict: Homely place for a hearty breakfast meal. This is one of the places that gave me the feeling of “Malaysians as One”, no racial segregation, no judgmental stares. Cheap place for great foodie too!

Sin Yoon Loong@Ipoh Old Town

Demona: This kopitiam is one of the many yummy eateries in Ipoh which I never fail to visit everytime I’m here for work. There were stories of this place being the originator of the “Old Town White Coffee”, and the franchised kopitiams and packeted sachets which we drink, had came from two brothers who got the idea of making this white coffee business big. No relation what-so-ever with this kopitiam.

This story was also told by my boss, who was born and bred in Ipoh decades ago. Anyone has any idea on this?

Demona: The Yin-Yong (Kaya and Butter) toast was sinfully delicious! The butter and kaya was well mixed and coated on the white fluffy bread slices (Old Town uses brown bread), toasted to perfection! Each bite was crunchy crunch! Looking back at this pict made my craving surface again. Each set cost RM 0.70. (Old Town’s toast set cost RM 1.10). A MUST TRY!

Demona: I am a self-proclaimed coffee-holic (Besides being a chilli gobbler). I need coffee 24/7. Else, I would be a stoned jelly-fied lady for the rest of the day. The white coffee in this kopitiam beats the one from the franchised Old Town by ten folds! The coffee powder, blended well with right amount of milk added, making the drink creamy, subtly sweet, yet releasing a strong, pungent coffee aroma. Each drink cost RM 1.60. (Old Town’s drink cost RM 2.80)

Demona: My boss had always been talking about the excellent Wa Tan Hor found at this kopitiam. My colleagues and I decided to try it that day. We found out that the stall was actually 2 adjacent shops away, and the man was cooking behind the shop, along the alley. My boss, was indeed, very very right!

This was by far one of the best Wa Tan Hors I’ve ever tasted so far. It was a little steep for Ipoh’s food pricing (RM 4.00 per plate), but it was worth every penny. The “Wok Hei” was instilled into the dish, and the gravy was extremely thick, creamy, and you could tell from the pict that the man was very sincere in the amount of eggs added in.

Demona: I dug up the fried fat rice noodles and mixed them thoroughly with the gravy. YUMMY! Even the sambal given was spicy, blending well with the dish. I can’t wait to bring Dogma over to try this out! NO REGRETS!

Verdict: Old Town White Coffee can never compete with what this kopitiam had to offer! Then again, people here had been making these dishes for years and years, unlike the foreign workers which you see in the franchised branches. I guess I can’t compare an apple to an orange. HMMMM…