Breakfast Thosai@KBR Demona: One of my colleagues who grew up here, brought us to KBR, an Indian vegetarian restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant was fairly small, accommodating around 8 to 10 tables. We were early that day, therefore the place was still relatively quiet. According to her, this restaurant would be jam packed by lunch time. KBR is famous for its thosai (EYES GLEAM!)

Demona: Each of us ordered a piece of plain thosai. My colleague was right! KBR makes brilliant thosai! The thosai was light, fluffy and the addition of ghee was sufficient, yet minimal that you would almost missed detecting it.

They make great tea too! The mixture of tea and condensed milk was in a perfect proportion. Not overly sweet, nor overly tannic. YAM CHA-licious!

Demona: What made this thosai a sensation was also because of its great nutty, gritty, spicy, flavourful chutneys to go along with! If I was at this restaurant with Dogma instead of my collaegues, I would expose the tummy growling glutton side of me and order a second piece! SLURPS!

Verdict: The price of a thosai here is pretty similar to what you pay for in KL, but its quality is totally opposite! KBR’s thosai is definitely a must-return-for-round-2! Can’t wait to try out what else is nice there!

Yoon Wah Restaurant

Demona: I had dinner here with two friends during my work trip here. One of them is a local girl, born and bred here. She introduced us to this restaurant, which had been running its business for many years already. This place is known for its icy cold mug beers and delicious food. We decided that this combination would be a good way to de-stress ourselves.

Demona: This was the original restaurant, but it was raining heavily that night and most of the tables and chairs ended up wet. We had to sit on the restaurant’s newly opened shop lot. Business must definitely be prosperous alright.

Demona: A bottle of beer cost RM 11.50. Pretty cheap. Three mugs were given to us, each frozen with thinly bits of ice shavings coating its inner side. Personally, I do not really know the significance of the iced mug and beer because it tasted really.. NORMAL, like any other beer to me. Dogma, myself or anyone out there can easily create the iced mug. Nothing much to shout about.

Demona: This was the butter “pissing prawns” (Lai Liu Har). Deep fried chunks of spicy marinated pissing prawns served with thin, sweet, salty buttery egg strips… a beautiful combination! Their pissing prawns coated with oatmeal and deep fried style was much better than this one though. MUST TRY!

Demona: We were approached by an old lady who came from not-sure-where-how-when asking if we wanted some fried chicken. Feeling adventorous, we said alright.. to TWO pieces! (old lady said one was only enough for one person). The fried chicken looked normal from the picture but it was actually de-boned, and reconstructed to look like a drumstick.

Kinda’ like .. a drumstick shaped nugget. Interesting way of cooking alright, but I did not enjoy it. There was too much fat in the chicken. It made all of us felt guilty eating it.

I was quite surprised when I paid up, as it was pretty expensive. One drum stick cost RM 3.50. Total bill was RM 7.

Demona: Mine… mine.. alllllllllll mine. (gobble gobble)

Demona: Simple stir fried “Choi Tam” with garlic slices. Pretty alright dish. This was our dietary fibre for the day.

Demona: Fried yee mee for 2 portions. This dish was quite delicious, with a decent coating of thick and thin soy sauce, accompanied by slices of pork, squid and vegetables. The noodles would not have tasted gastronomic without the chilli!

Demona: An upclose pict of the butter pissing prawns, noodles and vegetables in my bowl. The total bill came up to RM 27 (prawns, vegetables and noodles).

Kick ass chinese food, sipping icey cold beer, great company of girls to chit chat with on a windy, rainy night. BLISS. BLISS. BLISS.