History of Redemption Seminar, 18th March – First Time in Mandarin!@Canning Garden Methodist church, Ipoh


the cheapest cialis online Wonderful news indeed! What great joy it is to know that there will be a History of Redemption Seminar, held in Mandarin for the first time ever in Malaysia!

http://dscotwilliams.com/?search=viagra-us Let language not be a barrier for man to draw close to the Word of God, the living water, springing forth from the bible through this appointed and blessed time given by God.

http://kitchenshrinks.com/?search=the-use-of-brand-levitra Don’t miss out on this opportunity and sign up for the seminar. The blessing beyond any worldly comprehension will be poured forth upon all of our hearts here!

source link Date: 18th March 2017 (Saturday)

http://razorsedgebarber.com/?search=best-price-for-levitra Venue: Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh 

http://history4girls.com/?search=online-levitra Time : 8.30 am – 3.00 pm

Must-have Ipoh desserts@Funny Mountain & Nàm Heong Kopitiam


click here Right after Lucky restaurant, we zoomed back into town, for some facial pampering time…. With taufoofar! It was blazing hot by noon, and we were grateful that Funny Mountain has this drive-through system. Comfort of this smooth, pearl like shining taufoofar without having to leave your car seat. Some say the beauty of Ipoh girls and their smooth skin came from the water, and taufoofar of Ipoh town. 

source link I’m way overdue this remedy, but hehehe. At least my tummy was overjoyed!

http://virgin-yachts.com/?search=prednisone-non-prescription-to-purchase Address:

here Funny Mountain Soya Bean & Tau Foo Far,

49, Jalan Theatre,


For more yummy tau foo far stories from my hometown, 70km away from Ipoh, you can look at my older post here:


Yes, it was almost noon. And yes, tau foo far was swimming inside me tummy. But teeheehee. Gluttony calls!

The Koreans really loved the 3-in-1 Old Town White Coffee and they will drop by the shops to buy them back to Korea. 

Well, since we were here in Ipoh, why not get the real deal? We went off to Nam Heong Kopitiam to “tapao” the iced coffee packs and egg tarts. The icey cold creamy sweet white coffee was perfect for the 35 degree heat outside. Coupled by the golden eggy creamy deliciousness scooped and baked inside the fluffy layer of puff pastry. 

Ok…we seriously need to head to lunch now! The breakfast episode must really close now. *BURPS*

Address :

Nam  Heong Kopitiam,

2, Jalan Bandar Timah,

30000, Ipoh, Perak.

Opening hours: 7.30am – 4.00 pm