Wine Ratings Defined

follow site After giving much thought about Tummies Growl’s wine rating system, I felt the need to be more precise and defined for the benefit of all readers and myself. You know, it is hard to put numbers on the quality of wine unless you do have a proper system to benchmark them on.

Hence forth, following are the Tummies Growl’s Wine Ratings definition.

5 pointers– The perfect wines with Flawless Character in Nose (aroma), Palate (Body) and End (Length)
4 pointers– High quality wines with beautiful Nose or Palate or End. It is a great pleasure to drink them, but it’s just lacking of that little oomph to put them among the 5’s
3 pointers– Enjoyable wines with pleasurable Nose or Palate or End. Good to drink and nice to discuss, but that is all about it.
below 3 pointers – Table wine that requires minimal thought and present little in terms of Nose/Palate/End. Not worthy of a spot in Tummies Growl.